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Apple’s iPhone 11: How Their Content Development Will Dominate

Apple plans to release its iPhone 11 in the fall of 2019. The rumor mill is already giving users a glimpse of what the smartphone has in store. Design-wise, it will most likely look much like predecessors iPhone XS and XR. It may also be the first to support the Apple pencil.

Although there’s no official confirmation about anything from Apple yet, we’ve already heard and read so much about the product. All Apple product launches are a sheer stroke of genius.

Their marketers and PR aficionados know how to build buzz for their new products without giving anything essential away. But how will their content development dominate with the new iPhone 11? Here’s what you need to know.

Drawing Out Suspense for a Longer Period

Although Apple always makes a big deal about announcing new products, their specific gadgets are shrouded in secrecy. In fact, they’ll do just about anything to protect that secret. The case is no different with the iPhone 11. Between 2018 and now, they have released very few potential details about the phone. This mystery is what has been driving their customer base into a frenzy.

Journalists, bloggers, and prospective buyers are all chasing the company in a bid to find out what the iPhone 11 has to offer. This, in turn, has resulted in an influx of speculative blog posts and video reviews about the phone.

Getting Opinion Leaders on Board Early

Apple has a knack for getting YouTubers, bloggers, and other thought leaders on board before their product launches. With iPhone 11, they have already started releasing a couple of solid tidbits for journalists and marketers in telecoms to work with. As a result, we have already seen some subtle, but very deliberate leaks about the phone.

For instance, the phone is rumored to have triple-camera systems. This is after an image leaked on the Internet showing a reflection iPhone 11R in Samsung Galaxy 10+. However, this is based on speculation. The phone is also expected to launch in September. Perhaps this is because Apple almost always launches its iPhones in the same month. However, nothing is confirmed yet. All these rumors have not only made prospective buyers curious but have given iPhone 11 extensive media coverage.

Giveaways and Pre-Orders

There’s no denying that Apple enjoys a rabid fanbase. Coupled with the company’s positive reputation, this plays a large part in the success of their product launches. Apple seems to be well aware of this fact.

They usually offer giveaways and allow pre-ordering of their new products. This tradition has always helped them sell hundreds of thousands of units within the first few days of launch. If this method continues with the iPhone 11, Apple will most likely build a buzz early, as customers compete to show off their new buys on the Internet.

In summation, Apple is deliberate about planning their product launches. They know what information to release, as well as when and who they want to talk about those releases. They also know how to turn the product launch into something worth talking about. That’s exactly what seems to be what will happen with iPhone 11.

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