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President Eisenhower stands with other important politicians. Image demonstrates a president who had successful marketing campaigns.

The Eisenhower Political Campaign: Using Messaging in Marketing

There is an interesting link between marketing and political campaigns. When candidates run for office, they are essentially marketing themselves to the voting public. ARead More »
A man in Nike sneakers jumps into the air on a bridge. Image demonstrates a company with successful email marketing.

10 Reasons Nike is Scoring with Their Email Marketing

Email marketing can be used to great effect in a number of different ways. At its core, email marketing gives companies a way to stayRead More »
A soccer ball covered in all of the world's flags sits on grass. Image demonstrates the marketing strategy for the World Cup.

A Peek Inside Telemundo’s Marketing of the 2022 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, held every four years, is the biggest and most-watched sporting event in the world. 32 international teams compete to be crownedRead More »
Rebranding shape wear to fit everyone.

Yitty and Lizzo’s Crusade to Rebrand Shapewear

These days, you might be hard-pressed to find someone who feels perfect in any of the shapewear that they own. That’s likely because, to aRead More »
A line of robots typing on computers. A comical way to visualize bot traffic.

What is Bot Traffic and Why Does It Hurt Your Overall Traffic?

A software program created to carry out automatic operations online is known as a bot. Bots can mimic or perhaps completely replace human behavior. TheyRead More »
A whole Pepperoni pizza pie. Image to demonstrate what the Avoid the Noid campaign sold.

Avoid the Noid!: Why Domino’s Brought Back their 1980’s Brand Mascot

By resurrecting the Noid, a character initially tasked with preventing the chain from keeping its promise to deliver pizza in 30 minutes or less, Domino'sRead More »