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Celsius Energy Drink is outselling the industry standards thanks to its marketing!

Celsius Energy Drink: How its Marketing is Helping it Dethrone Industry Veterans

Dozens of energy drinks have been seen hitting the shelves in the last 10-20 years. Brands like Redbull, Monster, and Rockstar have been named some of the top leading energy drinks on a global scale. However, despite the drinks’ popularity, there’s also been a significant shift in consumer desires and beliefs. 

More and more people have become increasingly health-conscious in the last five years. Consumers no longer want a quick-fix solution to their health concerns, and people have become far more skeptical about what’s actually in their drinks. These criticisms have led to one powerful question: how will brands keep up with consumer demand?

This is where Celsius Energy Drinks enter the scene. Their marketing is innovative, ingenious, and fresh. Not only this, they’ve created a brand that aligns with the increasing desire for whole, healthy, organic ingredients.

Celsius Energy Drink: How it’s Paving a New Direction

Unlike most energy drink brands, Celsius has created a lifestyle consistent with its branding and users. With a strong emphasis on fitness, health, and transformational work, Celsius has proven that it’s more than just a drink.

Celsius is Challenging Big-Name Brands

The energy drink market is a highly competitive one. Some may say it’s even cutthroat. Many start-ups attempt and fail to create something unique to put on the shelves. Big-name brands like Monster and Redbull dominate this industry, making it harder for little guys to stay afloat. However, that’s not the case for Celsius Energy Drink.

Celsius aims to target a more health-conscious, gender-neutral audience, and this places them on the map as a standout brand against other big names. Unlike Monster and Redbull, which have been famously marketed as men’s sports drinks, Celsius does things a little differently. Using real ingredients, Celsius demonstrates the effectiveness of its drink through authentic clinical trials. The energy drink is proven to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, and is used to fuel high-endurance workouts. There are no artificial ingredients or flavors, situating itself as one of the most advanced drinks on shelves.

Although Celsius Energy Drink is still trailing behind its big-name contenders in sales, it’s challenging the entire industry at large. Celsius is successfully forcing other companies to reevaluate their strategies to keep up with consumer demand. Most recently, it was revealed that Amazon is responsible for 15-20% of the company’s sales. This is a massive win for the brand, and it’s also a reason for competing industry leaders to be shaking in their boots. 

Is Celsius an Energy Drink?

Consumers want to know one thing: is Celsius an energy drink? Their marketing reaches far beyond anything we’ve seen before in competing brands. Not only can Celsius accurately market itself as an energy drink, but they also have the science to back it up.

Celsius brands itself as “your ultimate fitness partner” Most energy drinks can’t say the same. While other energy drinks focus on productivity or combatting exhaustion, Celsius is here to fuel your body. Its many clinical trials done at accredited research facilities demonstrate this, too.

Celsius’ tagline is “Live Fit.” It encourages consumers to drink Celsius before a workout for optimal results. Its clinical trials have proven that the drink contains thermogenic properties, meaning it creates natural heat in the body. This helps you burn more body fat, burn calories, and activate the nervous system. The drink even showcases PDFs of its clinical trials directly on its website. What other brand can say they’ve done this?

Celsius Energy Drinks That Reach Their Ideal Consumer

Its marketing has successfully reached target audiences. Celsius knows who they’re catering to through TV advertisements, radio, pop-ups at beaches, and running races. One of their experiential marketing campaigns, known as the “Live Fit Tour,” even featured famous fitness instructors. Pop-up fitness events appeared all over the country, giving their audience a chance to experience its benefits directly.

Additionally, Celsius has created a brand-ambassador program to target more like-minded consumers. Fitness influencers can now showcase the energy drink to their mass followers. Their focus is holistic, creating an entire Celsius lifestyle and community that people actually want to be a part of.

Without a doubt, Celsius energy drink is paving a new way for the industry. Industry veterans’ heads may be spinning as a result.

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