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Does Adding Content to Your Site Work for Calls & Site Traffic

Organic Content Strategies – What Is It

An organic content strategy is a marketing tool that involves writing blogs and other website pieces (guides and even pages) based on targeting specific keywords to position naturally in the Google search.

How Does It Work

The way that an organic content marketing strategy works are through a few steps:

  1. Research
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation

Phase 1 is research of your relevant keywords, terms you want to position for. The next phase, Phase 2 is very important. This is the creative planning of pieces for your site based on these keywords. And, Phase 3 is writing these pieces, optimizing, and posting them and then promoting them.

Why Organic Content Works

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their searches and moving pages and pieces on sites up and down the search results page (these are the results you see when you search something). Activity is one major component of why a site moves up or down in ranking. The more activity you have on your site, the better your site will do. Organic content is adding ACTIVITY to your website. It’s putting a piece on your site, promoting it, and allowing people to click on it, read it, comment, etc.

How Long Does an Organic Content Strategy Take

This is the most difficult part of content marketing. It’s not fast. An organic content marketing strategy can take up to 6-months to start seeing results. After one year traffic can double. See graph below of a client we worked with over the last year and a half who doubled their traffic and keywords with organic content marketing along with some very basic social media. No paid ads, no pay-per-click.

Org Content Strat

And, this graph that shows an increase of calls over several months for another client with a very aggressive organic content strategy:

Calls 6 Months

How Much Content Do I Need to Add

Depending on your industry, this answer can vary but let’s do a content comparison with the most powerful sites on the Internet.

  1. The Washington Post – they publish 1,200 stories, graphics, and videos EVERY SINGLE DAY. The result is 20 million searches a month and the site positions for 7.5 million keywords. The editorial staff writes 500 pieces A DAY!
  2. Buzzfeed – They publish 222 pieces of content A DAY. The also get 26 million visits a month and position for 8.6 million keywords.

Reference: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2016/05/how-many-stories-do-newspapers-publish-per-day/483845/

Marketingproofs recently published that two million pieces of content are put on the web daily.

What it Means for My Company

You’re probably asking, “what does this mean for my company?” What it means is that you can dominate your searches with a little patience, a lot of persistence and a very sound keyword and content strategy. Add pieces to your site that are well-written and optimized and watch your traffic increase. You don’t need to add 10,000 pieces a week but a few pieces a week based on industry competition and keyword analysis can greatly benefit your traffic.

If your site isn’t performing well then you need to generate more ACTIVITY on it with organic content.

Now What

Additional questions? Call us and we’ll get you started or if you’re already working with us we’ll do a free analysis in a new unit of time to ensure that your content strategy is working for you.

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Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva

Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva has worked in the Internet marketing industry for the last 20-years. Erica is the top-secret SEO weapon to marketing and advertising agencies in the world. She has generated over 300+ million in revenue for high-value brands such as Walmart, Pottery Barn, iRobot, Cutting Edge Firewood, Kelley Blue Book, and many more. Erica has custom-created more than 1,000 content, SEO, and marketing strategies which held the key to doubling and tripling online traffic, and marketing ROI. She has also authored a series of online publications including The Digital Branding Survival Guide, Million Dollar Marketing, 5 Steps to Increase Web Traffic by Blogging, and Repairing Your Online Reputation.