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Does Kanye West Take Controlling the Narrative Too Far by Being His Own Social Media Manager?

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media is one of the top marketing and communication platforms in the United States. Consumers as old as 70 are catching onto the social media craze, with some even hiring their own social media manager. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow users to maintain digital contact with each other from across the world.

Each platform serves the same purpose in a different way. For example, Instagram is mostly photo-sharing with captions. Photo grids are what user profiles look like; captions can be lengthy if the user chooses. A story can post for a 24-hour time period as well. LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. Users can post their resume and have the option to apply for jobs directly through the LinkedIn website.

Newer updates to apps allow users to designate a future time for a post to be shared. However, a human still must tell the technology what to post. With any social media application, it is easy to get lost in one’s timeline, scrolling longer than their schedule allows. For those that are branding larger companies, it is a benefit to have a social media manager.

Is Social Media Marketing for Everyone?

Social media marketing is simply advertising a brand through a social platform, such as Instagram or Twitter. This form of marketing requires consistent posting, gaining new followers, and consistently engaging with the customer base. This marketing style is about selling a lifestyle or an idea to the consumer, not the actual product. Marketing in this manner must be strategic to be successful.

Is Kanye Going Too Far?

Knowing how intensive social media marketing is, can we consider that Kanye is taking the concept of controlling the narrative too far by managing his own social media? To answer this question, let us take a broad look at Kanye West’s responsibilities. Please note, this is a broad look from a very outside source.

Inside His Life:

He is a musical influence in our generation and a professional musician. He has studio time, photoshoots, and tours to attend to. All these tasks take up substantial amounts of time. The recording must be perfect. The photoshoot must capture the right image for the idea Kanye and his team are going for. Tours mean travel and can take up to (minimum) two or three months of an artist’s time.

None of that includes the time he needs to rest and relax or put work into his own social life. So, with all factors considered, Kanye West is putting too much on his plate by managing his own social media. If he was only sharing photos with no marketing intended, he might be able to manage the task.

However, like many other celebrities he is also marketing his lifestyle, his music, and any brand he is affiliated with. Being that his plate is full personally and professionally, he should consider using social media marketing management.

And of course, we’ve all seen how Kanye has generated a lot of negative attention through social media. They say, “Any publicity is good publicity,” but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to Kanye. Do you think his fan base is bigger or smaller since committing several social media blunders? In conclusion, social media management could come into play through putting Kanye’s social media apps into professional hands.


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