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Elements of Great Branding Marketing: The Office

It is worthwhile to take the time and effort that are needed to brand your office correctly. Doing so will positively impact both your employees and any visitors to your business. Unfortunately, this type of market branding is something that a lot of businesses neglect, leaving employees in uninspiring settings. Fortunately, this type of branded marketing is not too difficult.

Define Your Brand’s Values

Before you start doing any interior design work in your office, take a moment to discuss your brand’s values with your design team. Some factors, such as logos, slogans, color schemes, and trademarks, may be obvious, but it can be harder to nail down your business’s personality. To determine what this is, ask yourself what your business helps people accomplish. You should also consider what associations you want your customers to draw from your business. To really get to the core of your brand’s identity talk to your employees. Ask them to think of five words that describe your business and five words that describe its customers. This approach will help you with branding in your market. 

Differentiate Spaces for Clients and Employees

Another important part of market branding has to do with differentiating between those spaces that are for your staff and those spaces that are for your clients. This is important because each group will have a different view of your business. You should also consider the fact that your staff can usually see through the branded marketing that is meant for your clients because they are knowledgeable regarding your business’ daily activities. This is why you will want to have ideas that are appropriate for branding the two different spaces. Doing so will help ensure that you are sending the right message.

Focus on Key Touchpoints

Often, office branding is a balancing act. Be careful not to overdo things here. Instead, focus on those areas where branding in your market will have the greatest impact. When it comes to your clients, this will obviously be the reception area. Make sure that the area clearly states who you are and what you do. From there, think about where the most important areas for your employees are located. Consider what behaviors you want to either encourage or discourage in these areas.

Incorporate Your Products

One of the most effective design tips for most offices is simply to showcase your own products. You will not find anything that will tell your brand’s story better. Taking a moment to think about how you can bring these products to the forefront can really be beneficial when you have clients visiting your office.

Consider Your Office’s Color Scheme

Carefully consider the color scheme you use throughout your office and how it relates to your brand. If your brand’s colors are not too outlandish, you may want to use them to decorate your office. However, if you think that using these colors would be too distracting, choose other, more appropriate colors to decorate your office. For instance, intense colors are not a good choice for employees who do not work well under pressure but plain white walls are a great way to foster creativity.

It takes some thought and effort to be able to do a good job of branding in your office. For help branding your business, contact Web Content Development today.

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