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Five Great Accounts that Show How LinkedIn Should be Used

LinkedIn is a great tool to have in your arsenal when you’re engaging in online marketing. However, if you want to be truly successful here, you’ll need to convey a lot of trust and authenticity as you engage in networking, starting with your profile. Here are a few people who have done a great job by actively engaging in marketing with LinkedIn.

Brittney Borowicz

When you take a moment to look at Brittney Borowicz’s profile, you’ll see that she leads with published content and has a concise list of summary information, too. In these bullet points, she shares her experiences, key responsibilities, and successes. She takes the time to invest in her profile by keeping it updated and complete. She lists job descriptions, volunteer roles, groups she’s active in, and things she endorses. You’ll also find information regarding her experience, education, and key professional details. You’ll truly get to know who Brittney is because she even shares some of her interests and which influencers she’s actively following.

John Crossman

The first thing that you’ll notice with John Crossman’s profile is his cover photo. He shows that he truly knows how to use LinkedIn for marketing. This is because his photo captures attention and tells you that he believes in teamwork.

Once you look beyond his photograph you’ll see that he continues to speak about his belief in teamwork by using third-party references; for example, his listings for experience and positions use LinkedIn recommendations. He also continues using photographs and even videos to break up some of his text, including his full biography.

Anthony Gioeli

Anthony Gioeli uses the same LinkedIn marketing strategies that Borowicz and Crossman use but takes things even further. He’s taken the time to create a concise summary that incorporates third-party contributions. You’ll also find that he summarizes his experience in bullet points and even includes recommendations when appropriate. He presents all of this in such a fashion that the most important and current things are on the top for people to easily see them. If you are serious about using LinkedIn to promote a book, take notice of his profile. He does a great job of showcasing how he’s a credible author.

Xand Griffin

Xand obviously wants potential clients to contact her for online marketing because she has her contact information on the front and center of her profile. She even makes it easy for you to contact her in various ways. However, she doesn’t stop there. 

You can easily see that this is someone you want to get in contact with because she has a list of experience summaries with supporting recommendations and references. She has also included has information on publications she’s in, projects she’s worked on, volunteer initiatives she’s undertaken, and certifications she’s received. For someone with a fairly short professional career, she has done a nice job presenting herself online.

Melissa Heisler

Melissa has done something interesting with her profile by prioritizing LinkedIn profile assets. She uses these to support and emphasize her supporting information. She presents all of this in a bulleted list so that you can easily scan through it. It also makes for an interesting read, since irrelevant endorsements were removed and website links are personalized. She’s also made use of reordering the sequence of sections to highlight her strengths so that her profile really pops.

Marketing with LinkedIn is more important than ever. People take notice of how you present yourself on this social media platform. For help setting up your LinkedIn profile, contact Web Content Development today.

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