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Go Pro: How to Build User Based Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to companies in the 21st century. One company that is doing social media right is GoPro. I mean, have you ever seen their feed? And, the best part of it is that the content is created by their customers.  

So, how can you, like GoPro leverage your brand and have talented creators sharing their content with you? 

In this article, we’ll tell you how GoPro did it and how any content creator can work with their audience to grow their social media following. 

Marketing On Social Media: How GoPro Built Their Brand

GoPro has one distinct advantage over many products regarding marketing on social media. Content creation is what their product is used for. Because of this, their users are constantly in the habit of producing visually stunning and exciting content. However, turning that advantage into an effective social media marketing strategy was not so simple. But that is what GoPro did, and the results have been tremendous for the company. Today, “GoPro” is virtually synonymous with exciting action sports footage. And that’s no accident.

GoPro has a comprehensive social media presence. They are on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. On all their channels, users are encouraged to share content filmed on their GoPros. Users can film their content and share it with the company. GoPro edits and uploads the best footage on their channel. This is an excellent opportunity for GoPro followers and users to have their content viewed by millions. 

What Does GoPro’s Social Media Strategy Accomplish? 

For GoPro, it accomplishes a lot of things. First, it’s very inexpensive. Rather than paying for ad creation, the content is supplied by consumers themselves. Second, it creates brand awareness and audience engagement. People see exciting first-person footage of white water kayaking, for example, and associate the thrill and excitement of that activity with GoPro. Third, the company does not need to sell its product to anyone. All they need to do is share the experiences of their customers. The more people buy GoPros, the more content the company has to market itself.

While not every company online can use GoPro’s exact strategy, their marketing strategy is a model to follow. GoPro’s strategy is all about brand awareness and audience engagement. 

So no matter what product or service you sell, these qualities should be aimed for in your social media marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing: Why It’s The Number One Way to Reach your Audience

In years past, television was the best way to reach a wide audience. However, today, many different types of online marketing reach the highest numbers of people. And within the Internet, social media marketing tends to be the most effective method. Roughly 70% of American adults use social media. This alone makes it an excellent channel for marketing opportunities.

But what sets social media apart from other marketing methods is the potential for user engagement and participation. Social media gives people an opportunity to interact with brands like never before. Companies can grow their brand image through visibility by maintaining an active social media presence. 

The trick to social media marketing is to create more brand awareness around your product or service. You want people to see your brand and associate it with a particular activity, mood, or purpose. 

While many brands have utilized social media to grow their business, some stand out more than others. GoPro manufacturers use a small handheld camera for outdoor activities and extreme sports. The company has exploded in the last 10-15 years thanks to a very clever user-based social media marketing strategy.

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