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How YouTube Hits Like Carpool Karaoke Keep Subscribers

YouTube is quickly becoming this generation’s form of television. Different channels keep viewers around as a favorite show would back in the day. YouTubers, as they are called, have the ability to make new shows or videos whenever they wish. Many channels post videos on a schedule and keep subscribers tuned in. Subscribers are notified whenever a new video is uploaded and therefore can watch on their own time.

Youtube marketing makes it possible for money to be made off of views through ads. Ads are posted to videos and the people who post the videos earn money off of their views. YouTube, therefore, makes money off their ads and others’ marketing campaigns.

Popular television shows are even turning to Youtube to keep up with modern trends. Many late night talk shows, news stations, and comedy shows all have YouTube channels and post clips to keep viewers attention. This is useful in today’s market because many viewers have a shorter attention span. Posting shorter videos can also remind viewers what they enjoy about the show and keep their interest peaked.

Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show with James Corden does a fantastic job at capitalizing on this market. The show posts clips of their popular segment “Carpool Karaoke” and it has spawned into its own YouTube success. A Carpool Karaoke segment with popular singer Adele set the record for the most views from a late night talk show on YouTube with 67.5 million views. However, it is not just that clip that is doing well. Viewers are watching these videos and also others at a rapid rate. Carpool Karaoke is branching off into its own highly profitable branch of the Late Night Show with James Corden.

Other shows are taking note of this success. Many late night talk show hosts are posting clips of their shows. Popular celebrity appearances often gain millions of views. Posting a video at a time where a celebrity is trending can bring traffic from people who are interested in the trending topic more than a channel. For example, a movie star may go onto talk shows to promote an upcoming film. Fans of the film will be looking for clips and stumble across a new channel. After they finish watching the clip about the upcoming film, they will sometimes continue to watch other similar films from the same channel. If they like the channel enough, they will subscribe and continue to watch when new videos are uploaded.

Developing Marketing Tactics

With this same strategy in mind, smaller posters are profiting off of people’s interests. Many young viewers are interested in watching video game reviews. They will start with one person’s channel and venture onto similar ones based on YouTube’s recommended videos. YouTubers, people who post videos for a living, are smart and using this to their advantage. Many popular YouTubers are also working together and featuring each other in their videos. This is especially useful when targeting a younger crowd. YouTubers are becoming young people’s versions of movie stars. Many of them are making nearly as much money as them too! YouTubers gathering millions of views are keeping ads flowing and new viewers coming at plenty.

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