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Marvel Studios’ Marvelous Marketing Strategy

Marvel Studios operates in a way very similar to how Youtube gained its success. They created a world that brings people back for more. Youtube is a virtual world that young people and adults view and get sucked in watching videos of similar interests. In the same way, Marvel Studios has created a virtual universe that viewers want to go back to because they are already invested in its characters.

Marvel Studios has created some of the most profitable movies of all time. Marvel Comics is now worth over 4 billion dollars. While their movies are full of content, their marketing strategy is also to thank for their success. Marvel has also enjoyed more success than their main competitor DC. This is due to creating content that leaves their fans returning to similar stories. They also market at an extremely prolific rate. Their fans are proud and therefore they buy many of their merchandise. Spotting a person wearing a Marvel Studios shirt now is almost as common as a person representing their favorite sports team.

Marvel Studios: Creating Their Own Marketing Campaigns

Marvel Studio’s marketing campaign means reaching new marketing territory and never settling. While many may think that their fans are mostly young children, that’s not entirely true. Teenagers and even their parents are dedicated to the films. It has truly captured the imaginations of all ages. For this reason, word of mouth and social media helps promotion because of these loyal fans. Many people gave the films a chance because of a recommendation and liked them. This experience spreads and the market begins to grow to other target audiences.

BTS Access

Through social media and promos, Marvel Studios uses behind the scenes access to get fans excited. This tool is extremely important because it not only makes people excited about the film but also inspires them. This makes the fans feel like they are part of the process and therefore they become more loyal and passionate. Going behind the scenes also foreshadows many things about a movie. It can reveal certain plotlines or even characters that were not expected. It can even make fans unsure of what route, mood, or story a film may take.


Marvel Studios has created one of the most loyal and profitable movie franchises of all time. These two things are uncommon and hard to achieve at the same time. By creating a product that makes people excited and worth returning to, Marvel has created a model for businesses to look after. When applying this model to different fields, it is important to make something that people can get behind. It is great to have people wearing shirts and sharing posts about your product which shows true passion.

Making the viewers feel like they are part of the process by updating them on your success without revealing too much about your numbers is beneficial. For example, if you are running an eco-friendly clothing line, you can keep your customers informed on how they are helping the environment by using your products. This will give them a sense of accomplishment while still supporting your business. Have them invest in your business emotionally, not just by buying a boring product. After all, you would not be a successful business without the help of your customers!

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