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Nike, Adidas & Underarmour: Whose Content Strategy is More Effective?

Three main sports brands are competing for their share of the market today. Each of these companies is using a different content marketing strategy to do so. This may leave you wondering whose content strategy works best. To determine this, we must first take a look at each brand’s strategy.


Nike has a great content strategy that appeals to a broad audience. Their branding of “Just do it” encourages people to achieve greatness by pursuing their dreams. Nike continually uses this campaign, regardless of what products they are showcasing or what social media platform they are using.

One of their recent YouTube videos helped to reinforce this. This video featured a man engaged in a variety of different sports and physical activities. This video did a great job of reinforcing their brand image: that they can supply you with athletic footwear to wear regardless of the sport you choose to engage in.

It also helps that Nike incorporates the latest in fashion trends in all of their shoes and merchandise. They take advantage of the fact that people want to look good while engaging in sports. This approach helps them be a part of the mainstream consumer crowd.


Adidas seems to have learned something from Nike in that both of their content strategies are somewhat similar. The one thing that sets them apart is the fact that Adidas focuses heavily on the game of soccer and has created a lot of apparel and accessories for it.

At one time, Adidas tried to also cover basketball. Unfortunately, their top two sponsored players, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard, have had many injuries that led to disappointing seasons. While these players were originally seen as among the top 5 best players in the NBA, this is no longer the case. This unfortunate turn has also brought down the Adidas name in terms of basketball.

Not only has Adidas scaled back their marketing efforts in regards to basketball but they have also moved outside of the sports world. They have created a new shoe that is almost completely made from ocean plastic. In doing so, they are hoping to target “green consumers.” They are also working on other initiatives to win over more socially conscious folks. For example, Adidas is opening a new factory to bring new jobs to Detroit, Michigan.

Under Armour

Another sports brand that has become heavily niched is Under Armour. When you think of this brand, you probably think of high school football. However, they are also trying to follow Nike’s lead and become a brand that people in a wide variety of sports can depend on. As such, they recently signed NBA superstar Stephen Curry in hopes of expanding into the NBA scene. They hope to pick up where Adidas left off. 

Under Armour’s main marketing message is one that they hope will “pump up” their viewers, getting them motivated to engage in competition. Therefore their advertisements have a gritty tone that provides their audience with a glimpse into motivational training or a look at an important moment in a game.


When it comes to content strategies, each brand will do things differently. What works best for one may not work so well for another. Each of these brands also has something that they can teach us. If you are ready to put your content marketing strategy to work, contact Web Content Development.

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