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Pottery Barn’s Seasonal Content Strategy

Marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes. The promotional materials a company uses can vary based on the type of company, the season, or the company’s goals. All of this is part of a company’s content strategy, and it’s a very important aspect of branding and marketing.

There are many unique and colorful examples of successful content strategies in recent years. Pottery Barn’s user-generated “My Pottery Barn” campaign is one example of a successful high-profile strategy.

Using the #mypotterybarn hashtag on social media, users can share the content of items from Pottery Barn in their own homes. This is a simple, but fantastic content strategy for one of the nation’s largest home decor retailers. It also offers some learning opportunities for other businesses looking to enhance their own content strategies.

Website Content Strategies: What Makes Pottery Barn So Successful?

There are several factors that make Pottery Barn’s user-generated content strategy successful. Any of these lessons may be applied to businesses of all types looking to reach a wider audience online.

User-Generated Content is Free Marketing

First, by allowing users to create and share original content, Pottery Barn is able to save money on its website content. Rather than paying to make promotional materials, user-generated content provides companies with free content. Of course, it is poor practice to use user-generated content without crediting the users. But most businesses avoid this easy mistake, and their users enjoy the platform provided by user-generated content strategies.

Not only is user-generated content free, but it’s also highly effective website content. When other users see that real people are using a company’s products in exciting ways, they are more likely to see its value. In Pottery Barn’s case, users might see products that they love and envision them in their own homes. It does not take much to convert that intrigue into sales. Companies can provide links to featured products with price listings to remove even more friction for the user.

Promotes Engagement

The #mypotterybarn campaign and other similar campaigns are also great for promoting customer engagement. This is a big deal in online marketing because user engagement is a major factor in search engine rankings. The Google algorithm prominently favors pages and websites that captivate users’ attention and lead to further clicks.

Effective user-generated content strategies are one of the best ways to capitalize on this feature. Pottery Barn customers are eager to share their own creative designs with others and appreciate being recognized by the company. Other users can then see those posts and feel inspired to create and share their own designs. This cycle fuels both sales and customer engagement online for Pottery Barn, allowing the business to continue thriving.

A Content Strategy Increases Brand Visibility and Recognition

Pottery Barn is already an established name for many people. But by running an effective user-generated marketing content strategy, the brand remains at the center of its consumers’ attention. Followers log onto Instagram or Twitter and see the #mypotterybarn hashtag associated with captivating content. Even if there are no immediate sales, this brief interaction keeps the Pottery Barn name fresh in their minds.

For smaller businesses, increasing brand visibility has even more benefits. A successful viral content strategy can lead to great exposure for businesses without a pre-established following. This can be a great way to introduce your brand to new customers. Of course, getting started with a user-generated content campaign can be difficult for smaller businesses. But incentivizing customers to share content on social media is often a great way for small businesses to gain exposure. It then is also an effective strategy to remain active and relevant in the eyes of your customers later on.

Want to Start Your Own Marketing Content Strategy?

Content strategies are very important for businesses hoping to grow their online presence. A marketing content strategy shows that your business is active, engaged, and knowledgeable about your industry. User-generated website content is just one example of a type of content strategy that businesses can use.

No matter how you plan to reach your customers online, effective content is key. This means having a clear vision for your brand, understanding consumer needs, essential SEO principles, and more. If you are looking for ways to improve your own company’s marketing content strategy, Web Content Development can help. We are an online marketing agency that specializes in personalized content marketing strategies and brand management. Contact us to learn more about WCD’s services and how we can help you.

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