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Marketing Strategy Chicago

“My kind of town (Chicago is),” crooned Frank Sinatra and other artists. There are many facets of Chicago that get people hooked. The “windy city” is known for its architecture, deep dish pizza, and improvisational comedy. Some established organizations, like Second City, have a strong name brand, developed, in part, from the organization’s successful client base over the course of time, including favorite TV and movie celebrities. However, many newer Chicago-based organizations still need basic marketing support, and the city has an advertising history that influences marketing strategies Chicago to this day.

History of Advertising in Chicago

Chicago is the birthplace of some major ad movers and shakers, as well as major marketing campaigns for top companies that still ring a bell for consumers even today. Albert Lasker, known as the father of modern advertising, started working for Chicago-based company Lord and Thomas in 1898. His appeal to consumer psychology in copywriting and creative tactics left an impression on the marketing companies in Chicago and throughout the United States. Lord and Thomas is known for bringing Palmolive to the forefront of the soap industry in the 1910s. Over time, other advertising companies emerged and merged together. These companies worked on memorable campaigns, such as J. Walter Thompson’s “Uncola” tagline for 7-Up in the late 1960s, Bayer Bess Vanderwarker’s “Be Like Mike” campaign for Gatorade in the early 1990s, and Leo Burnett Co.’s Marlboro Man in the 1950s. Then, in 2013, the most significant merger to date happened: the merging of four major Chicago-based agencies led to the world’s largest advertising group.

Current Marketing Landscape

While working with (inter)national companies, like Gatorade, on marketing campaigns continues to bring in millions of dollars of revenue for marketing companies in Chicago, there’s also a push for companies to recruit local talent and work with local organizations (including startups). Attending networking events allows marketing companies to listen to startups making pitches and connect with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Alliances with major universities, such as Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, can lead to important recruitments and prospective clients. Additionally, a mix of the old with the new can go a long way. For example, forging into technological avenues can happen alongside using Chicago’s extensive mass transit system to advertise a product or service. Further, a street team can generate excitement about a product or service to people in restaurants, bars, and on the streets, encouraging them to engage in a company’s social media efforts. If a company is based in Chicago, then it needs to engage with Chicago, so potential customers do not take their business outside their beloved city.

Marketing Companies Chicago

As in other large cities, Chicago is chock-full of digital marketing companies to bring clients into the technological future. Some companies listed as the best digital marketing firms, according to UpCity’s August 2018 reviews, include Marcel Digital, a Google Premier Partner with award-winning strategies, and Rev Local, a company focused on the importance of a business’ strong online presence. Also, Torque Digital, founded in 1992, has evolved with the technological times, from the advent of the Internet to the present day, helping businesses surpass their competition.

Chicago, Work with Us

Web Content Development, or WCD, is a marketing company that works with businesses in the many metropolitan cities throughout the United States. To name just a few, our services include brand management, digital media, and public relations. Contact us at 1-800-316-9664 or info@webcontentdevelopment.com to discuss the best marketing strategies for your Chicago-based business.