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Marketing Strategy Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a well-known history of smokestacks and steel mills. Most of the industrial companies’ marketing efforts could be seen in the dark, smoky skies. Air pollution equaled a company’s success. Pittsburgh’s scene has dramatically changed over the decades. With recent buzz, the city’s claim to fame is the result of technological and innovative advancements (and cleaner air), thanks to researchers and thinkers from the well-ranked Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

The city has been on newspapers’ most livable city lists for several years, and even Amazon has placed the city on its list of potential destinations for its second headquarters. In essence, the undefinable marketing strategy in Pittsburgh results from the many marketing companies in Pittsburgh that began as startups and pushed their way forward utilizing the city’s resources.

Marketing in Pittsburgh

The early stages of marketing likely conjure up the mental image of door-to-door salesmen lugging heavy objects that people didn’t want and, most likely, couldn’t afford to buy. This explains the collection of Encyclopedia Britannica books a particular generation still has displayed on bookshelves! As the field of marketing developed, so did marketing professionals’ interest in and communication with potential buyers. The evolution of technology has made communication even more targeted and precise.

With an Internet search of “marketing company Pittsburgh,” a slew of options appears. Two older digital marketing firms in the city are Agency 1903 and BuzzHoney, originating in the early 2000s, a time when people had just survived the Y2K scare. FSC Marketing + Digital goes back 30 years when the computer was just a blip in the international landscape. Currently, several marketing seems to center on collaboration.


A Need for Marketing Strategies

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins teams appear to have the marketing game well played, mostly due to a loyal customer base over a period of decades. Of course, the fans love the games and become attached to specific players. However, energizing marketing efforts are still necessary. To maintain the fans’ loyalty, including fans who attend games and those who watch at home, the teams must promote merchandise and find ways to engage and recognize the fans. On the flip side, startups require time for loyalty to develop.

Because of the plethora of startups in Pittsburgh, from Duolingo’s language-learning app to Deeplocal’s innovation studio, the need for content strategy to spread the word and attract customers is extensive. Many of the startups are tech-based, but the “most livable” status has also allowed environmental organizations, educational institutions, and arts companies to flourish, including immersive theatre companies and maker spaces. Even the established healthcare giants, Highmark and UPMC, constantly generate marketing campaigns to compete with each other for potential patients’ business.

The WCD-Pittsburgh Connection

Web Content Development, or WCD, is a marketing company working with diverse businesses throughout the United States. Our services include brand management, digital media, public relations, and more.

We have staff members based in PA, who are not only familiar with the best marketing strategies but also with the Pittsburgh region. Our goal is to help Pittsburgh and PA based businesses to expand through effective marketing that helps to increase the overall ROI dramatically. With our 20+ years-experience in the digital marketing field we are highly able to do this. We have also developed one of the most in depth marketing strategies to review all digital efforts. Contact us at 1-800-316-9664 or info@webcontentdevelopment.com to discuss how we can help your business prosper.