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Videos are the best way to improve engagement on your website. They can also quickly showcase your product or service.

Video Marketing Content

Just what is video marketing? 

At this point in time, most consumers determine whether or not to form a relationship with a business based on what they learn about this business through an online search. As a result, if customers look for specific answers or solutions, they are most likely to run an online search to determine what products or services–provided by which businesses–are most likely to fill their needs. With endless information to sift through, consumers will be most attracted to the business that has the most appealing content. This is where video marketing content comes in. Compared to other forms of marketing, video marketing content can help you rank higher in Google and add value to your website and brand. Here’s how it works.

The Power of Video Marketing

Despite being in its infancy, research indicates that customers consistently prefer video content rather than other types. Moreover, they find it more easy to understand and more effective than written content alone. In fact, according to HubSpot, videos are expected to claim roughly eighty percent of all web traffic by the year 2019, boost click-through rates by anywhere from two hundred to three hundred percent when added to marketing emails, increase conversion rates by about eighty percent when added to landing pages, are relied upon by roughly ninety percent of consumers for purchasing decisions, and are responsible for about one-third of the total time consumers currently spend online. Additionally, digital marketing expert James McQuivey believes that one single minute of video content has the same impact as 1.8 million words of written content.

Why Does Video Marketing Work So Well?

Videos may be more memorable and easier to recall because the visual and auditory elements add an extra layer of experience. Furthermore, videos are highly appropriate for the shifting trend toward the use of personal electronic devices, while at the same time remaining user-friendly on all other larger devices. Additionally, consumers share video content far more readily shared than written content, which often dramatically increases a business’ reach and impact.


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Creating the Right Video Marketing Content for You

At Web Content Development we create several different kinds of video content, each specifically designed to serve a different purpose. Following are the main types of video marketing content we produce for our clients:

Whiteboard Animation Videos as Video Marketing

Whiteboard animation videos have become an extremely popular way to present even the most complex ideas in the most interesting and entertaining way. With whiteboard animation, an artist records themselves while drawing out a story on a whiteboard. Generally, a voiceover tells the story while editing speeds up the actual video. The viewer follows the story as it quite literally unfolds before them, and they find they often remember even the most complex ideas when presented in visually interesting and intriguing ways.

Animated Infographics for Video Marketing

In general, stats, information, instructions or a story represent an important part of a business’ communication to consumers. However, many find it boring or dry when presented in plain text. Animated infographics, however, can engage consumers in the basic story and make stats, information, and instructions easier to understand and assimilate.

Case Studies as Video Marketing

Due to past experiences, consumers often become incredibly wary of businesses, products or services that are promoted as “the best”–what they really want is proof that products or services work the way they are needed or wanted to work. For this reason, case studies that are shared in video format can be all the more interesting than written evaluations, and can, therefore, be more engaging and exciting.

Interviews as a Form of Video Marketing

Video interviews present an undeniably perfect opportunity to share valuable information about products or services in a way that is more personable and relatable than written content, especially if the individual being interviewed is a member of the target audience or is someone who is clearly an authority on the subject.


Both customer and client testimonials can be a powerful way to build consumer trust in your business, and therefore, video testimonials are a great option. Of course, this does not mean you will need to video your customers or clients, but rather you can create an animated testimonial video to have the same (or even better) impact.

Product Presentations

Consumers are used to being pitched new products or services just about everywhere they go and everywhere they turn. However, product presentations that are in a unique and professional video format can be highly attractive and engaging, especially if they are animated.

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