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Three Ways a Ghost Blogging Platform Can Fall Short

Blogging is one of the best ways to attract new consumers, all while connecting with your existing ones. There’s one problem, however. You’re really, really busy. Like, super busy! As a business owner, you have little time to manage a blog, let alone write posts for one. Ghost blogging is the solution for this. The purpose of a ghost blogging platform is to manage your blog for you. Your ghost blog will have consistent updates, new writing, and more. Even so, there are some shortcomings to your ghost blog that you can easily fix.

1. Your Ghost Blog Doesn’t Use SEO 

In 2020, it’s predicted that businesses will spend up to $81 billion dollars on SEO services. Why? SEO works. With SEO, you will find yourself attracting thousands to your web page instead of a meager few. SEO is one of the most important parts of a ghost blog. If your ghost blogger isn’t using SEO, they are doing things wrong. 

In 2019 alone, Google produced over 2.3 trillion searches. If your ghost blogger is conscious of SEO, it will work with an algorithm that is meant to push your web page up in the list of results. By using particular keywords or phrases, your ghost blog will bring more awareness to their writing. What does this mean for you? More consumers, more followers, and more brand awareness. On the first page of a search result, 67% of people will only click on the first five results. This is why it is important that your ghost blog incorporates SEO, otherwise that 67% may never even see your blog, to begin with.

2. You Are Not Taking Emails 

If your ghost blog isn’t being sent to clients via email, you’re missing the chance to keep a connection that will strengthen your relationship with your consumer. When you are interacting with consumers, ensure that you are taking their email to add them to a mailing list. Incorporate a pop-up on your ghost blog that asks the viewer for their email so that they can keep up with the blog. Building this list will control your business’s future. Each subscriber that you gain from your ghost blog is a potential customer. As for current consumers on your email list, you will only keep your relationship with them consistent and strong, meaning they could use your services again. Having a client’s email will also come in handy when if you host events, training, or webinars.

3. You Aren’t Using a Ghost Blogger

One of the biggest downfalls of a ghost blogging platform is that it isn’t being used more regularly by businesses. Companies will see 67% more leads with a consistent blog, but running a blog is hectic for a business owner. A ghost blogger will provide your blog with high-quality writing that will compel your audience into using your services. Ghost bloggers will save you time to work on your business and will ensure that your blog is written up to your standards. Those in the field of ghost blogging understand that their job is to engage your consumers. With this in mind, their writing will be entirely engaging and persuasive.

Want to Start a Ghostwriting Platform? 

The ghost bloggers at Web Content Development are among some of the best in the business. We understand that the aim of your blog is to gain consumer attention, and we will, therefore, write you some of the best, persuasive articles to attract them to your services. With expert knowledge of SEO, we will use the keywords to pull in leads that will bring popularity to your business. When working with Web Content Development, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the best hands in the field.

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