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Top 5 Advantages of Instagram for Business Marketing

Humans are visual creatures by nature, and our modern settings reflect this. Pretty much all the time, we are posing at a social function for a selfie, sharing a funny gif with friends, or scanning through newsfeeds filled with visual content, just to kill time. Perhaps this is one reason why Instagram has seen a meteoric rise since inception. With this in mind, businesses (big and small alike) are racing to capitalize on the rapid growth of this photo and video-sharing social network. The impact is even far-reaching for those who switch to business profiles. If you have not jumped on the IG bandwagon yet, you’re probably doing it wrong.  Here’s why you should start using Instagram for business marketing.

Visual Marketing

If you’re like most people, you are often crunched for time, right? Of course! You don’t have enough to create textual content, let alone edit or proofread. Thankfully, this platform helps you share visual content that is worth a lot more than a block of text. That’s pretty obvious. Photos are plain fun to look at, and hence, make posts fun to read and share. They help you illustrate your points by adding a visual aspect to the products you offer.  Better still, videos present an excellent way to showcase your services in action, company culture and other behind-the-scenes elements of your business. So, be sure to use high-quality and relevant images and videos. That goes a long way in engaging your fans and followers.

Build an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

Pictures and videos convey emotional responses. This does not only help increase your audience’s ad recall list but help them form a deeper connection with the brand as well. That’s why using this visual-centric platform in your social media marketing strategy helps to increase your engagement drastically. And, more importantly, help you deliver your intended message efficiently.

Allows You to Go Beyond Limits

Among the top social media networks, IG is the only one with no character limit. That means you’ll never be cut off in middle of telling the story you want. Although most captions on this platform are often short and catchy, this feature will come in handy in the event you’re publishing a long post such as product description. Interestingly, the photo and video-sharing network allows you to use a relatively high number of hashtags compared to other social networks. The result? It helps you to link your content to relevant info and increase engagement rate.

High Visibility of Posts

With more than 500 million daily active users (and counting), this photo-sharing platform is undoubtedly a powerful tool for companies looking to increase the visibility of their products and services. Even better, there are no algorithms that show posts selectively. Everything you post reaches all your fans and followers. The use of more hashtags, mentioned above, helps you to maximize your social reach.

Perfect For Driving Traffic

IG is dominated by generation Y and Z. With the exploratory nature of this group, you can rest assured to increase the amount of traffic you’re getting every time you post. Besides, your profile allows you to post a link to your site. That will not only help you drive more traffic but build a bigger brand and increase the bottom line even more.

Start Using Instagram For Business Now!

If you’re a company that consistently create visually compelling content, Instagram is one platform you should incorporate in your social media marketing strategy. Not sure where to start? Relax! Let the team at Web Content Development handle the taxing bit and let you focus on what you do best. Call us now!

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