Website Debuts: How to Ensure Your Content Attracts Followers From Day One

It takes a lot of time and effort to build an effective website, so it’s natural to expect big, and fast, results when you launch it. This means that when you debut your new website, and the content on it, you can track visitors in real-time.

It can, therefore, be incredibly frustrating to watch as only a few visitors trickle through, and even fewer (if any) reach out with comments or questions. You have likely done plenty of research beforehand so you know that you are providing information, products or services that consumers desire, and your website has been carefully designed so that it is both user-friendly and engaging–so what happened?

Attracting Followers With Content From Day One

While it may seem perfectly logical that a new website will have to start somewhere in building a following, it doesn’t have to start at nothing. If you design and promote your website content properly, you can attract followers from day one and just continue to build from there. Here are some tips for how to do this:

  • Create valuable, high-quality content that can easily be shared.

Consumers who are running searches on the internet are looking for answers and solutions and have become wary of hard-sell tactics. If your content is focused on selling products and services, consumers may overlook it. Consumers are much more likely to read and share content that they find to be valuable because it provides answers and solutions. This will help you to form a trusting relationship with them so they return time and again.

  • Ask family members, friends, and acquaintances to help you through social media.

Social media helps promote your brand and website in so many ways. Luckily, many individuals consider sharing information from family and friends. On Facebook, for example, you can invite your family and friends to join your business page. This page should include a link to your business website, too. Then, you can share blog posts and information that they can then share with their network. Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn can also provide additional benefit when used properly.

  • Ask others to share your site content

Ask family members, friends, and acquaintances who have other blogs or websites to mention or link to your website.

Even smaller sites that mention your website can help you rise in SEO rankings.

  • Request opportunities to guest post.

This helps you to spread your brand name to new audiences. Your post and any follow-up comments can be thoughtful and insightful, which will attract positive attention and may well drive users to check out your website. If you do this on several different sites, users will begin to recognize you as an authority, which can further build trust and interest.

A Final Thought

Prepare optimized content for your site as soon as it launches. It’s important to ensure that the technical aspects of your website function at launch. Technical difficulties, such as broken buttons or mobile compatibility, can effectively destroy a website’s debut. Unfortunately, they often do. Therefore, a stellar debut includes ensuring both the technical aspects and the content are ready to knock user’s socks off.

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