Digital media continues to change, with AppleTV and NBCTV created new and improved versions of their services.

From Apple TV to NBC- The Changing Market of Streaming Services

Gone are the days when Netflix held the title for the biggest, best streaming services provider in town. Competitors are increasingly giving the Los Gatos-based company a run for their money.  Apple and NBC are some of the big players looking to unseat Netflix, and there is every possibility the digital media giants might succeed.

Just recently this year, Apple announced its two flagship streaming services: Apple TV and Apple TV+. Apple TV is out. The latter is slated for release towards the end of this year.

In a similar fashion, NBC has announced its plans for getting into the streaming service sector. Called “NBCUniversal,” the streaming service, according to NBC, will be launched in 2020. However, observers are of the opinion that it might take until 2021 before NBCUniversal would hit the market.

The entrance of Apple and NBC into the industry will definitely change a lot of things. To better understand these dynamics, let’s closely examine the offerings of the digital media duo.

Apple TV – The Digital Media Giant

Apple knew that to capture the market, she needed to partner with big names in the cable network industry. This is why they teamed up with HBO, Hulu, Epix, and Showtime to provide premium content to its teeming customers.

The streaming service is in the form of an app which is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and in the nearest future the Mac. The app allows users to subscribe directly from their devices. No additional step is needed after subscribing. Users can watch any content of their choice right inside the app.

On the Apple TV app, users can download any content they wish to. Downloaded content is pretty much of the same quality as streamed content. This clearly is a tactic Apple is looking to use to get ahead of the competition. Currently, not many networks allow users to download content offline.

Similar to Netflix, users will get an option to select from suggested contents, which are curated based on their previous viewing choices. Apple Music has this feature. Fans won’t have a difficult time using it.

Apple TV app provides the base for Apple +. Users will be treated to an ad-free, round-the-clock entertainment on Apple +. According to reliable sources, the service will be present in over 100 countries of the World.

NBC Universal

In a similar fashion, NBC is gearing up to providing her customers with on-the-go streaming services. Subscribers will get to choose between these two options: ad-supported content and ad-free content.

The ad-supported content comes at no additional cost to paying customers who subscribed to NBC’s TV already. Ad-free streaming is a monthly fee for opted customers. NBC is yet to reveal its pricing, but from speculations, the monthly fee will be pegged around $10 per month.

Great programs lined up for streaming. NBC is ensuring users of great viewing time.

Wrapping It Up

In the coming years, the landscape of the digital entertainment industry will experience more changes. Some of the big names of today might fade out tomorrow. Only those with great offerings will stand the test of time.

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