How Pentagram’s Creative Strategy Successfully Boosted Fashion For Good’s Brand

How does a marketing agency boost a brand?  To answer that question, we’ll take a look at how Pentagram successfully boosted Fashion for Good’s brand. Fashion for Good partnered with the creative agency, Pentagram, and tasked them with creating a well-rounded and comprehensive creative strategy that would inspire and unite others in a shared ambition.

The mission at Fashion for Good is to spread awareness about water pollution and enormous amounts of waste created by the fashion industry.  The health and safety of people who make the clothes and those who wear them is another concern they share. They have created a guide to convince manufacturers and retailers to join their mission to produce only good fashion.  

A Creative Strategy That Expresses Core Values

When Fashion for Good and their founding partner, C&A Foundation, partnered with Pentagram, their goal was to create a compelling creative strategy, visual identity, and messaging platform that would inspire others in the fashion industry to unite in finding better, cleaner ways to manufacture products.

Some of the strategies Pentagram implemented for building Fashion for Good’s brand and spreading their message included the following:

  • Developing a brand idea that acts as a three-word platform: “Only Good Fashion.”
  • Creating a messaging platform that communicates the definition of “good” fashion in five areas:
    • Materials – Products that are safe, healthy, reusable, recyclable.
    • Economy – Growing, circular, shared, and beneficial to everyone.
    • Energy – Renewable and clean.
    • Water – Clean and available to everyone.
    • Lives – Safe, dignified living and working conditions.
  • Logos that are explicitly designed to represent Fashion for Good’s core value of “good” and their Cradle to Cradle ethos.

According to Pentagram,  The Fashion for Good brand behaves with daring, style and practicality, expressed by a tone of voice that is brave, wise and accessible. The identity is informed by the brand idea, demanding that ‘good’ should run through all aspects of the fashion industry,

Fashion for Good seeks to demonstrate that the fashion industry can find a better way to flourish. Without doing further damage to the environment and its inhabitants.  Fashion for Good has this to say about their mission:

“By sharing ‘The Five Goods’ widely with practicality and wisdom, and by demonstrating that they can create good fashion that is more attractive, accessible and affordable than its opposite, Fashion for Goodwill guide the sector with an aspirational model that all can use; a genuine and accountable framework with the promise of social, economic and environmental prosperity.”

Building a Brand that Lasts

Building a company brand today encompasses much more than passing around business cards and placing an ad in the newspaper.  Those days are long gone. Today, a company needs to have a great message with a human touch. In many cases, a highly recognizable brand is a result of a marketing strategy that emphasizes three main truths about a company:

  1. Mission-driven – has a purpose or desire to improve, empower, or change the status quo.
  2. Transparency – authenticity, accountability
  3. Likability – trustworthy and reachable

It’s also important to note that today’s shopper wants to hear from other customers who have bought products from your company.  They don’t want you to tell them how great your product is, they want to hear from someone who has used the product or service. For this reason, many businesses include a customer reviews section on their website.  Also, some companies partner with an independent customer feedback agency. These are two excellent ways to let customers know that your company cares about their satisfaction.

If you would like to know more about how to build or expand your company’s brand through creative strategy, please contact Web Content Development at our toll-free number.  

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