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Local Advertising at its Finest: A Look at Ocean City Aerial Ads

Marketing a brand or product to a large audience can be expensive, especially for small businesses. Instead of targeting larger markets, most businesses take advantage of markets within their radius. This is what is generally referred to as local advertising. According to Forbes, businesses can get more impressive results when they market their products locally.

Here in Ocean City, we get to experience the power of local advertising directly through the use of aerial ads. What happens when businesses target potential customers in their own backyard, instead of a broad global audience? Local aerial ads in Ocean City demonstrate the impact of a successful local marketing campaign.

What Are the Benefits of Advertising Locally?

A local marketing strategy is beneficial to both large and small-scale enterprises. According to Forbes, buyers are more likely to purchase products from businesses in their vicinity. Rather than spend more time interacting with large audiences, companies are now turning toward local marketing techniques.

Advertising locally helps enhance relationships with both existing and prospective customers. With local marketing approaches, your business can curate products to customers’ tastes, wants, and needs. This improves customer-business relationships and also enhances customer loyalty. This inevitably translates to increased sales. A local marketing campaign helps establish a business’s role in its community.

Businesses are more likely to attract larger customer bases from word-of-mouth marketing approaches. Loyal customers are more likely to refer a local business to the people in their circle. Not only this, but local advertisements are also cheaper compared to marketing strategies aimed at large audiences.

Advertising Locally: How Aerial Ads Made the Ocean City Community Thrive

The boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ is one of the most popular summer destinations on the east coast. Hundreds of thousands of people occupy the beachside paradise every year. On average, 150,000 people walk the Ocean City boardwalk on any given weekend. Local businesses made the smart move and took advantage of this high-traffic tourist destination. This is where Ocean City aerial advertising plays a crucial role in a successful local advertising strategy. 

Aerial Advertising

In aerial advertising, an aircraft is used to display information about a business and its products or services. Using banners or skywriting, businesses market their services to thousands of eager onlookers. 

Aerial ads are proven to be more eye-catching and attention-grabbing than standard billboards. They’re also cheaper to produce than radio ads or TV commercials. Businesses in Ocean City continue to flourish and expand as a result of directly targeting members of their community.

Both big and small companies are flying ads across New Jersey beaches. Thanks to aerial ads, businesses are enjoying reduced marketing costs, improved customer connection, and greater brand awareness. Whether you chose skywriting or the use of banners, aerial ads can work well for your business. 

This is a prime example of how businesses can experience greater success when they target their local market. Businesses don’t have to think big to succeed. Instead, they can start within their communities. Local businesses will render greater results in both sales and consumer engagement. If your community is a microcosm of the world, how are you showing up?

More Ideas for Local Business Advertising

Local business advertising requires a strategy. Depending on your business type, location, and available resources, there are many localized marketing options you can leverage.

Here are some more local business advertising strategies that every business owner needs to know.

The Use of Flyers

Besides investing in aerial ads, marketers can make use of flyers and brochures to market their products or services. They are not only cheaper to design, but they’re also cheaper to distribute. You can distribute them to your nearest town or send them directly to prospective customers’ doorsteps or mail addresses.

From displaying your business logo to highlighting various products, there are many ways to spread information about your business locally. For better results, flyers should be eye-catching. Businesses should also include call-to-action statements and promotional offers to maximize their benefits.

Media Marketing

Businesses should cultivate awareness on how to quickly reach local customers, and the answer is with media marketing. Utilize social media, local newspapers, or local magazines to expand your clientbase. Businesses can also take advantage of local hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to reach out to the community.

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