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Planet Fitness: How Their Marketing Strategy Attracted Millions

Summer is right around the corner and many of us are working hard on getting that perfect physique. That’s either trying to slim down for the beach, or just making sure we’ve got the endurance to traverse a crowded boardwalk. During this crunch time, many people have taken to practically living in the gym. Hours of perseverance will surely pay off, but what is the best place to meet our goals? Specifically, what is the best gym to go to? The largest obstacle that many run into is that gym culture can just be flat out intimidating. There’s a ton of foreign equipment, strange supplements, and oftentimes, not a concrete answer of where to begin. A well-known fitness franchise used this common enemy to their advantage. 

Planet Fitness: In Your Orbit

The purple of Planet Fitness has become synonymous with everyone’s first steps towards a fitter life. Their entire image is built around being open and inclusive to all that come to sign up. No more feeling judged for not being the fittest person in the room is their goal. Many of their gyms even have what’s called a “Lunk Alert,” which makes an alarm every time someone is shouting or throwing the weights around carelessly. This may not be very inclusive to lunks, but they’ve chosen their demographic and are marketing to their target audience. The entire premise encourages a safe area for people who’s deadlift is 400+, or for those who don’t know the difference between a dumbbell and a curling bar. Pros and beginners alike can all find a home at Planet Fitness. 

With the intimidation pushed to the side, it’s not hard to imagine how attractive this can be to many people. “Many people” doesn’t even begin to describe how effective this philosophy spread around the world. Since 1992, Planet Fitness’s all-inclusive marketing strategy has attracted millions and those numbers only begin to grow. It wasn’t just a great philosophy that made so many people choose them as their gym. Getting into fitness can also be a costly adventure, and they hit the mark there as well.

Planet Fitness Deals

Planet Fitness is typically the go-to option for many newcomers or those returning simply due to one fact: they’re affordable. Their membership is well-known as being the cheapest one around. Starting as low as $10 a month, they certainly have many of their competitors beat in terms of affordability. Now to clarify, they aren’t free of the higher enrollment fee, which can go as high as $80 in some instances. And if their general atmosphere wasn’t already appealing, they also host some of the best deals throughout the year. Their most popular is the New Years deal which drops the enrollment fee down to 1 cent, so long as you agree to stick with them for a while. So you’ve got an inclusive approach to fitness and affordable prices with even better deals. The bigger picture keeps getting better. With their success also came widespread access with great features. Go type “Planet Fitness near me” into your preferred GPS application and see how many options there are. There is always one nearby and each has 24/7 access to their facilities, which include showers and other amenities. We’re looking at you, van lifers!

Needless to say, Planet Fitness has made its claim as the most accessible gym option. There are of course other options, such as Retro Fitness or LA Fitness, but Planet Fitness has been able to make contact on a planetary scale. There’s a reason why millions have chosen them as their first option to reach for the fitness stars. 

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