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Marketing Strategies New York

As long as there have been items for sale, marketing has existed. However, during the Industrial Revolution, when new manufacturing processes generated more products faster, marketing found its firm footing as the bridge between product and consumer. It’s no surprise that New York City tops the list for sheer creativity and forward thinking in the field of marketing. Type in marketing strategies NYC and you’ll see what we mean. New York is the spot for many creative types, from Broadway actors to published writers. The Statue of Liberty opens her arms to the world’s top talent.

The Wonderful World of Marketing Strategies NYC

Since the 1920s, Madison Avenue in New York City has represented a particular style of American advertising. Even as early as 1861, twenty ad agencies popped up and took over New York City. Popular television shows, like Mad Men, showcase suited men and women in the 1960s brainstorming gimmicky slogans. This was with an emotional punch to pitch to their big-name clients, including cigarette and travel companies.

Over the years, ad agencies have spread throughout New York and the nation. Even though certain advertising and marketing agencies still remain on Madison Avenue, such as StrawberryFrog and DDB Worldwide. In fact, the third largest market for jobs in advertising is New York City. Advertising encompasses a variety of media and is just one facet of the broader marketing field. As the Internet and other newer forms of technology skyrocketed they changed approaches to marketing. But, the focus of many New York-based companies also changed to keep up with the times. A quick search using keywords “Internet marketing company New York” yields an abundance of results, including WebpageFX, Lounge Lizard, and Maxburst. These are three top digital marketing agencies in New York City, and in the United States. Other top-notch marketing companies in New York working with prominent clients include Blue Fountain Media, a digital agency that serves AT&T and the NFL. And, Fantasy Interactive, a full-service agency with Google, Porsche, and Microsoft as clients.

Current Marketing Buzz in NYC

With its bright lights and memorable sites, New York City is the place for hustle and bustle. The fast pace of Times Square attracts as many as 480,000 pedestrians per day. Naturally then, Times Square would become the hub for company pop-ups and experiential forms of marketing. Nowadays these all tie in with social media efforts. As an example, at the 2017 immersive marketing extravaganza, Kind company dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar in Times Square to portray how much sugar children are reportedly eating every five minutes. Kind’s aim was to promote its new fruit snack with no added sugar. Ultimately, millennials tend to prefer experiences over products. Therefore, New York, as the host city, stays abreast of the many forms of marketing that companies utilize to appeal to their consumers.

While overall trends exist, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for every company. Because of the immense marketing activity in New York, competition thrives and companies can get the marketing guidance they need with a quick search of keywords, “marketing strategies NYC.” For example, market research companies in New York, such as Humanist and Key Lime Interactive, help businesses analyze data and develop marketing strategies appropriate to their mission and audience base.

The WCD Connection

Web Content Development, or WCD, is a full-service marketing company that allows us to work with diverse companies throughout the United States. Our particular services include brand management, digital media, SEO expertise, public relations, and more. If your company has its home base in New York City, we are here to connect and discuss innovative ideas that forge into the future of marketing.

As a marketing strategies NYC we can help NY businesses to expand. Call us for more information.