ikea go to marketing strategy

The IKEA Marketing Strategy: Why It Works and How It’s Shifting

ikea go to marketing strategy

We’ve all been there. You take a look at an empty spot in the kitchen and decide you’d like a quick trip to IKEA. You browse through the many, many options available, grab a Swedish meatball, take your items home, bust out the Allen wrench, and a couple small arguments with your significant other later, you’ve got a new table! IKEA is the first place many of us think of when we think of remodeling our houses and apartments. But, why is it the first place we think of? IKEA has a go to marketing strategy of using their simple, easy-to-assemble furniture as the, well, centerpiece of their branding imagery. It works due to a number of a reasons, not least of which is its ability to shift based on new trends.

A Trip to IKEA

The first thing we think of when we think of IKEA (after the blue block letters of course) is the store itself. An almost museum-like shopping experience. You can browse through the many, many full on home displays that are set around the store, so you the consumer can see all the ways in which your life could improve with IKEA’s furniture. It’s a running joke that you can get lost in IKEA’s stores, but that’s also part of the fun. There’s a reason they have a food court. A trip to IKEA is an all day experience. Not only can you shop for the table you originally came for, you can shop for a chair, cups, cabinets and a whole kitchen set. And, before you know it, you’ve got a whole newly designed room in the house. There are complicated, intricate marketing strategies that can work for your business, but there aren’t many that can top having a place people like to go. The Swedish meatballs can’t hurt either.

Middle Class Consumers

Another marketing strategy example would be their ability to reach the middle class. IKEA’s items are fashionable, minimal, durable and affordable. Even those without large bank accounts can still have a kitchen or living room that looks modern and fashionable. And, IKEA’s ability to create furniture items that are easy to build means that anyone can put these items together on their own.

Brand Shifting – Sustainability & New Wonders

IKEA has also begun shifting its marketing focus to more current (and important) trends: sustainability and updating existing designs. Sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days. The environment is so very important to all of us, and IKEA knows this. The furniture giant is now using its investing capital to produce more sustainable products within their affordable pricing structure. A greener future is a better future, and IKEA is making it happen. They are also taking steps to better the work environment for migrant workers. Having involved themselves with groups such as Save The Children, IKEA has taken a stand that ensures that their customers know where they fall when it comes to important issues regarding child labor laws. This is something more than a few other mass market supply chains could learn from.

Another area IKEA has shown a shift in the marketing is in their New Wonders campaign. They’ve noticed the trend where fewer people are moving into new homes with spouses and are instead moving into apartments with friends. In this instance, consumers aren’t looking for brand new layouts, but rather augmenting current furniture. As trends change, IKEA is keeping with the times.

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