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The Pinterest Marketing Strategy: A Platform for Content Sharing


There are so many social media platforms available to us that it can be easy to forget how fun they can be. Twitter can be a tough place due to the sometimes very negative discourse that is found there. Between privacy issues and that same negative discourse, Facebook can be a tough place too. Advertisements and news memes can be overwhelming.

Social media is a powerful, and it’s easy to forget that it can be a fun, relaxing place. Enter Pinterest. Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that allows users to access information via the internet mainly with the use of photos, videos, and GIFS. As of 2017, Pinterest had 200 million active users. Users vary from amateur and professional designers, to collectors and DIY aficionados, to those who just like a nice place to browse when relaxing at home or work. Pinterest is a social media powerhouse, and that’s all thanks to their content strategies.

Photo Finish

One of the cornerstones of any content development strategy is photo content. Providing your audience with a fun visual element enhances the user experience and creates a fun environment in which to browse. Since Pinterest operates as a kind of virtual pin up board, almost all of the images are text free. This lack of context allows its users to think more about how the image makes them feel. This commentary-free style gives the user some relaxing time to look through their own pinned images, their friends’ pinned images, and to see how they feel for themselves. The pictures will look different depending on who they follow. You might see clothes on one board, guitars on another, memes over there, and DIY projects over here. It’s all there and easy to navigate.

Aspiration & Inspiration

While it’s nice browsing around the many, many images found on Pinterest, it’s also a place for aspiration and inspiration. There are any number of design boards that can be found on the platform, meaning a number of users are utilizing Pinterest to design their perfect living room, their upcoming wedding, their newly organized garage, or their perfect man cave. You can find aspirational ideas anywhere on the site. On top of that, you can find DIY ideas in order to make your home design aspiration become a reality. If you’re looking to turn your ordinary kitchen cabinets into beautiful frames for your artwork, Pinterest is loaded with DIY inspirational ideas to help. If you’re looking to learn how to make a baseball bat in your own home, Pinterest has got your back. Batter up!

One Stop Shop

By now, you’ve seen the benefit of the listed content strategies utilized by Pinterest. The next strategy that keeps users coming back is Pinterest’s ability to be, well, a kind of shopping mall. Meaning many of the images found on the site can be linked to a web store’s page. This gives you the opportunity to collect all of the images that interest you so that you can now purchase those items. See a table you like? Click the purchase link, and it will be sitting in your dining room in no time. Is there a guitar you’ve had your eye on? Click the purchase link, and you’ll be rocking out at home with your dream guitar. It’s all there, and it’s all easy to use.

Web Content Development

If you’re looking to develop content strategies for your online business or page, contact the team at Web Content Development. We’re here to help you take your aspirations for your business and make them a reality. Contact us today!

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