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What Small Businesses Can Learn from Malibu’s Summer Marketing Campaign

Whether you sell online or in-store, every business can benefit from a strong marketing campaign that drives traffic, promotes engagement and ultimately yields more sales. Developing a successful marketing strategy is no easy task, and oftentimes it helps to take a look at the success of other marketing campaigns to see what — if anything — will work for you.

Malibu’s ‘Because Summer’ Digital Marketing Strategy

Malibu, the world’s favorite coconut flavored rum, has had great success with their most recent marketing campaign, Because Summer. Even as white rum sales are on decline, Malibu has seen a 5 percent increase in global sales in the past year. So what, exactly, are they doing?

  • NFC technology – NFC stands for ‘near field communications’ and is a smartphone technology that allows for communication between devices within a 4cm range.
  • 45,000 bottles – Malibu manufactured 45,000 bottles of rum with NFC chips as a way to promote customer engagement.
  • Exclusive Content – By using their smartphones, consumers gained access to exclusive content, including a free game download, bar locator, music playlist and malibu rum based cocktail recipes with how-to videos.
  • Prizes – In addition to the free content, engaged users can also participate in prize drawings.

This kind of engagement has proven to be hugely successful, in part, because Malibu had a very well coordinated and integrated approach to their marketing strategy. Using the NFC technology to engage people is one thing. Putting together an entire website — complete with games, prize drawing, cocktail videos and more — is another, and it took a great deal of planning and work. Not only did Malibu sell more bottles of rum, but they also gained access to very important consumer data. As Jo Alexander, Malibu’s marketing director said, “Success isn’t necessarily about the numbers, it’s very much about gaining exclusive insight on how consumers react to new tech and exploring the new boundaries of where technology can go.” This kind of consumer information is extremely valuable when it comes to the success of future campaigns.

What Can Be Learned

Very few business can afford to take a huge swing like Malibu did. Producing 45,000 bottles with an NFC chip definitely isn’t cheap. It also likely isn’t the kind of risk your business can afford. Even if you’re not able to spend that kind of money there is still much to be learned. Let’s take a look at a few key takeaways.

  • Special Prizes – offering consumers the opportunity to win a prize without having to purchase anything is a great way to drive traffic and promote engagement. Malibu’s prize giveaway didn’t require the purchase of any rum.
  • Smart Phones – we rarely go anywhere without our phones these days. Encouraging interaction between smartphones and products isn’t new. QR codes are easy to generate. If your company already has a website, users can be interacting with you online just by scanning the code.
  • Interaction through learning – In addition to giveaways, offering your consumer a piece of free advice can be a great way to engage them and create goodwill. In the case of Malibu, their short videos explained how to make cocktails. This offered consumers new information they’re likely to put to use.

Marketing Strategy

Digital online marketing is a great way to grow your business. Having a marketing campaign that focuses on engagement takes a little practice and preparation. Malibu’s specific marketing strategy may not be right for your business. However, focusing on product interaction is never a bad idea. Learn more about Web Content Developments many marketing services. Call or email us today!

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