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Wikipedia’s Content Development Strategy


Wikipedia exists as one of the most helpful learning tools on the Internet today. Whenever you Google a subject, a Wiki page filled with clear, Encyclopedic information often shows up before anything else. If you’re looking for information on, let’s say, the subject of Wikipedia, they’ve got you covered there too. Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based encyclopedia that is free and editable to the public. It is the largest and most used general reference work on the Internet today. It is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that operates on funding it receives from donors. But, how did this website come to be known as the online information hub? It’s simple. Wikipedia’s popularity is due to their content development.

Content Development

Wikipedia provides free content to anyone looking for it. Thanks to their user-regulated platform, there is free content including text and images. This is sometimes known as the wiki wormhole. You may click into an article about the Lord of the Rings, which then leads you to click into an article about horses, which then leads into an article about grass, which then leads into an article about farms. Free content and images makes wikipedia an easy place to get lost in.


Google ensures that the highest quality online sites are the easiest to find. This is through something called SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the process of maximizing the traffic to a particular website. You can do this by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results found on the search engine. Websites that rank high on search engines typically contain frequently searched terms within their content, as well as clear, concise information. The best websites for SEO will not feature duplicate content or rely on keyword stuffing. This is wikipedia.com to a T.

The Communal Aspect

When it comes to content services, Wikipedia stands above the rest — thanks to the communal aspect. The team working for Wikipedia or by any specific group of outside experts don’t generate the content. Users generate the content. While this causes many to question the legitimacy of the content, studies tell a different story. Many feel comforted knowing that dedicated users vet most of the content that comes through their site.

In any given month, there are around 30,000 active contributors to the site. Wikipedia creates a kind of balance, because their users edit and check most of its content. Wikipedia feels like a never-ending project that continues to expand. 

Encyclopedic Air

Additionally, the tone of Wikipedia is professorial and authoritative. While the site features user-created content, its tone feels as though that content is coming from experts in their respective fields. This may seem simple, but it’s anything but. Creating content that inspires confidence in its readers is difficult under the best of circumstances. This is because so many Wikipedians work so hard to maintain the encyclopedic air that is used in all of its articles. Without trust, there is no readership. And without readership, there is no content.  Finally, without content, there is no Wikipedia.

Web Content Development

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