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A Look At One Of the Best Black Friday Marketing Campaigns of All Time

It’s that time of the year again when holiday shopping comes into full swing. A season when stores around the world begin advertising their insane Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. In the United States, the latter seems to get bigger and better every year. It isn’t just about Thanksgiving and shopping anymore – it has become a tradition.

There’s no denying that the start of Walmart’s Black Friday is always awesome news for many shoppers. If you’re like us, you already know that their holiday shopping deals are hard to resist. The race to grab their offers is competitive, and sometimes thrilling. But, why does Walmart attain such a strong shopper turnout during holiday shopping seasons? Well, they have the best marketing campaigns. That’s it! Their strategies help them beat a spate of big retailers trying to pounce on the billion-dollar shopping season. Let’s take a closer look at Walmart’s Black Friday marketing campaigns – arguably the best of all time.

About Walmart

Walmart Inc. operates a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and departmental discount stores. As you might expect from one of the biggest retailers on the planet, the multinational retail cooperation has virtually everything, both in-store and online. Whether you want to find the perfect holiday outfit, shop for gifts, and, yes, take the stress out of holiday shopping, Walmart is your place. Their most popular categories are, by far, entertainment and technology.

Amazing Black Friday Giveaways

Walmart’s Black Friday sales are amazing. Savings are excellent! The kick-off for this season opens a wondrous world of giveaways for all their customers. As part of the company’s culture for decades, all locations welcome travelers in recreational vehicles to stay overnight in the parking lot camps. What’s more, Walmart changes its hours to accommodate the holiday shopping rush. Also, the company’s locations offer chocolate and cookies between 4 and 6 pm, and “wherever they run out”.

Black Friday Sneak Peeks

One marketing campaign that gets customers shopping at Walmart is early deals. The strategy helps to interweave their many marketing efforts across different channels. Their Black Friday sales start online. Oftentimes, deals come earlier than usual, where the earliest true Black Friday kicks off days before. They keep adding new deals sometimes as often as every hour in the days leading up to Black Friday. The result? A longer holiday shopping season that is less frenzied. That means you, the shopper, don’t have to wait until the official Black Friday sets in to get the best deals at the lowest prices.

Deals for Loyal Customers

Rewarding recurring customers is perhaps another marketing campaign that increases in-store and online traffic at Walmart. As a loyal customer, you don’t need to visit brick and mortar outlets to score discounts. Amazing deals come right to your doorstep. Subscribers enjoy gifts with every purchase. Moreover, online shoppers enjoy free shipping while customers with loyalty cards get amazing bonus rewards; this is one of Walmart’s most effective marketing campaigns for converting and keeping customers.

Holiday Shopping Tips

Walmart seems to understand that promotional emails rule the inbox during holidays. They give something beyond a sales pitch to their subscribers. Through the website and emails, they offer informative guides and useful tips. These do not only give a glimpse of great deals that await everyone on Black Friday but also help customers take the guesswork out of holiday shopping and experience a more pleasant season.

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