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Ghost Blogging: The Benefits for Businesses and Writers

Today’s tech-savvy environment essentially demands that a business must establish and maintain an online presence in order to be visible to consumers. In fact, many consumers determine whether a business is worth considering based on their online presence. One study has even indicated that eighty-one percent of consumers will conduct online research before deciding whether to establish a relationship with a business and make a purchase.

Obviously, those businesses who don’t even have an online presence of any sort are unlikely to be considered in many consumers’ research of products or services, but even those business who do have an online presence can find that their work is cut out for them.

In a world where competing businesses are literally one search engine result away from each other, simply having a website isn’t enough. One must have content that is attractive to their target audience, drawing their attention and engaging them so that they will dig deeper to learn more, and will decide to buy. This definitely begins with the main web content for the business’ website, but this static content isn’t enough.

There must also be more casual content that is produced more frequently, such as blog posts, answering questions and proposing solutions in a way that works to build trust among consumers. However, writing high-quality web content on a regular basis is not the primary purpose of any business, and few businesses possess the necessary resources to produce this type of content.

Fortunately, there is a workable solution: hire a ghost blog writer.

Ghost Blogging

A ghost blog writer refers to professional writer hired for the express purpose of providing specific types of web content. Whereas some individuals may claim that writing basic internet content is simple and that anyone can produce quality web content, a simple search on the internet will prove that this isn’t at all true.

Poorly-written web content might difficult to follow and understand. But it can also frustrate and turn off consumers who are looking for experts they can trust. Ghost blog writers are expert at what they do. They can provide a business with a variety of web content, including main website page content, blog posts, and more.

Benefits of a Ghost Blog

There are many benefits to having a ghost blog, both for the business and for the writer, including businesses that:

  •  does not need to learn how to produce high-quality content. They can instead focus on what they do best: produce valuable products or services.
  • may not need to pay a full-time employee writer to produce their high-quality content (an expensive option).
  •   does not need to ask one of their current full-time employees to learn how to produce content in addition to other duties.
  • benefits from having high-quality, engaging content posted to their website on a regular basis, drawing in new consumer interest.
  • a writer can choose how they want to write content. This is either by writing articles on whatever they desire and then selling them to various websites.
  • Or they can choose how much and what kind of content they wish to write. Since the writer is not a full-time employee, they can how much and how often they write.

The concept of ghostwriting is not entirely new. Many individuals and businesses have something they want to communicate. However, those who lack either the time or the skill to write well, have hired ghostwriters to help them. Ghost blogging is newer since the internet and blogs are newer, but the concept remains the same. Businesses wish to communicate effectively with consumers. They also hope to recognize the value in hiring a professional writer to help them do so.

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