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How Glossier Became One of the Most Engaging Instagram Brands

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on social media has more than likely come across a brand named Glossier. Glossier is a massively successful online cosmetics company now boasting several million followers and customers. They have emerged like finding a needle in a haystack. They’re a rare gem of a company that’s attained nearly legendary success through brand engagement in social media, primarily through Instagram. 

How does a cosmetics label reach such heights primarily via social media? It sounds almost unheard-of to see that kind of success without first starting out in a physical location. While it might seem like a small thing without this context, much of their success is due to their stellar customer engagement strategy. Engagement with customers can be a game-changer for any business. Glossier more than proves how crucial it can be to a brand’s success. 

Engagement with Customers

Now you might be considering what this means, exactly. Is it effective marketing strategies that might enlist the help of market automation to more easily reach a large audience? This would certainly help. Although, automation doesn’t necessarily guarantee greater customer engagement. Customer engagement is the process of getting a demographic or target audience involved with a product on a seemingly personal level for better brand engagement. You can execute this through various means. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that Glossier capitalized on engagement with customers for maximum brand engagement. 

Hype Galore

One of the first things anyone will notice when it comes to Glossier’s successful customer engagement is their ability to generate a crowd over their products. Nothing promotes brand engagement better than getting a target audience invested in a product. Excitement generates their marketing strategies. 

A great way to promote customer engagement is to generate mystery around a product. Glossier has, on multiple accounts, pushed brand engagement by having customers wonder what certain celebrities were using during award shows. This includes icons such as Beyonce at the Grammys. They had the crowd try to guess what the Glossier product was before revealing what it was. Pumping the world about the new product pushed engagement with customers to new limits.

Covering Their Bases

Anyone active on social media will quickly pick up on this trend. Many of their favorite influencers don’t rely on any one platform to engage with customers. Given how massive they’ve become, it is no surprise that Glossier is no exception to this rule. If anything, their successful customer engagement is a testament to this trend. Their success across multiple platforms practically makes it a rule to work across multiple platforms. Glossier boasts stellar engagement with customers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. That last one, LinkedIn, might be a surprise. There is much customer engagement in the professional cosmetics’ world that Glossier was wise enough to not neglect. 


Finally, much of Glossier’s successful customer engagement can be attested to their marketing research and understanding KPI’s. KPI’s, or key performance indicators are used to measure the success of an objective over time to illustrate what methods are working and which ones aren’t. Effective ways to engage with customers require understanding the customers’ tendencies and reactions. There’s just as much research that goes into brand engagement as there is ability to generate a crowd.

Helpful Engagement

It may sound insurmountable to reach that level of customer engagement. Nevertheless, glossier shows that it is possible. Nobody makes it without a helping hand, and Web Content Development is here to help. At Web Content Development, we are ready to help you engage with your customers in amazing ways.

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