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How Grammarly Utilizes SEO Strategies Successfully

Writing is hard. That’s why Grammarly, the world’s favorite writing assistant, is such a highly successful product. But Grammarly’s success doesn’t just come down to its usefulness. The team behind Grammarly has capitalized on some savvy search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to get where they are today. 

SEO is an essential part of any business strategy in digital marketing. So, what can others learn from Grammarly’s growth and SEO tactics? Here’s a peek at some of the secrets to Grammarly’s SEO success.

Breaking Down the SEO Meaning

First, you may be wondering what SEO means. Though there are many facets to SEO, simply put, it is a website’s strategy for attracting organic traffic through search engines. Organic traffic is coveted because it’s free while attracting heavier user engagement. 

Websites that are able to utilize effective SEO strategies can reach a wide audience at relatively low expense. While every company’s marketing strategy should be unique, there are several key consistent principles behind SEO. To highlight some of the benefits of SEO services, here are some of the reasons behind Grammarly’s success.

How SEO Services Have Worked for Grammarly

Keyword Mastery

Keywords are one of the staples of SEO marketing. A keyword is a simple word or phrase that users are likely to search for in a search engine. Grammarly effectively leverages many keywords to attract users looking for writing assistance. 

Keywords like “grammar checker,” “spell checker,” or various other grammar-related queries attract millions of clicks for Grammarly annually. This is no accident, as Grammarly has carefully calculated which phrases are most likely to be relevant to their services.

Brand Awareness

One of the simplest keys to Grammarly’s success is its name. The name is simple and recognizable, telling people what kind of service the company offers. Today, “Grammarly” is synonymous with “writing assistance.” 

Part of the reason why the company was able to reach that status is because of how easily identifiable its brand is. As a result, a significant portion of the website’s organic traffic comes from users simply searching “Grammarly” online. 

Helpful Free Tools

Grammarly capitalizes on user search intent by offering free tools that can offer immediate service without a fee. The company knows who its target audience is and offers several basic features for free. Those free features are easy to locate and also appear prominently in relevant SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

Tools like Grammarly’s grammar checker and plagiarism checker attract organic traffic and encourage users to sample the product. While not all of those searchers will become paid users, the traffic has tremendous value for the company. By presenting users with a convenient, free product trial, Grammarly increases the likelihood of gaining repeat, paid customers.

Evergreen Content

Some of Grammarly’s best-performing pages are blog posts and articles on their website from many years ago. These types of pages are called evergreen content because they remain relevant for a very long time. 

For instance, if you, like everyone else, have wondered how to use a semicolon, Grammarly has a helpful blog post. Additionally, Grammarly has cornered the market for accessible writing and grammar guides online. Ultimately, this allows the website to remain relevant and at the center of user focus on SERPs.

Consistent, Targeted Blog Posts

While Grammarly’s evergreen content is key to its success, the website also attracts traffic by staying fresh. Grammarly maintains an active blog with regular updates to highlight new features and engage users. They also provide regular updates to their successful evergreen content so that it can remain near the top of SERPs. 

Moreover, search engines rank pages and websites more highly when they are updated regularly. Knowing this, Grammarly regularly updates and refreshes much of the content across its website, from its home page to its blog posts.

Find an SEO Agency to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

SEO services can help grow any small online business by driving organic traffic to your website. Any company can leverage SEO strategies to attract interested searchers to their business. However, getting ahead and staying ahead requires familiarity with SEO principles and knowledge of emerging SEO trends. Hiring an SEO agency to manage your company’s online content can make a tremendous difference for your business and your brand.

Web Content Development is an SEO agency specializing in customized content and digital marketing for online businesses. Browse WCD’s portfolio to learn more about the work we can do, or contact us today to get started.

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