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Later vs Sprout Social vs Hoot Suite: What Social Media Management Tool is Right for You?

For many businesses, the marketing advantage provided by social media is indispensable. Social media platforms allow businesses to connect with their customers in ways they never were able to before. But managing multiple social media accounts can be a hassle for companies both large and small. For small businesses with limited staff, logging into each account to make individual updates can be a tedious burden. And all businesses rely on timely posts for optimal customer engagement.

Social media management tools can help every business organize their social media accounts for maximum effectiveness. Here is a breakdown of three of the most popular social media management tools on the market: Later, Sprout Social, and HootSuite.

Social Media Management Tools


Later calls itself “the world’s favorite Instagram marketing platform (and much more).” As you can tell from that claim, Later’s biggest focus is on Instagram management. But they offer services for other social platforms as well.

One of the biggest advantages Later has over the other platforms on this list is its pricing. Later is fairly unique in that it offers a free version of its service. Later’s free plan is relatively limited, but is still a great trial product if you’re new to social media marketing. But Later’s paid plans are affordable as well, ranging from monthly costs of $15, $25, and $40.

The more premium plans allow users to schedule 60+ posts per month on multiple social accounts. These plans also offer data and analytics to help companies optimize their content. Later offers recommended times to make posts to maximize follower reactions, and also provides demographic data to attract more followers.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers the most robust set of features among all the tools on this list. Their multi-platform scheduling and inbox access make for an incredibly streamlined management process regardless of your payment plan. And Sprout’s analytics and reports cover just about every piece of information you could want for your social media presence. This is especially true for their more advanced payment options.

While Sprout is the priciest social media management tool on this list, you are getting what you pay for. Sprout’s “Standard” plan starts at $89/month. Their most popular option, the “Professional” plan, is $149/month.

In addition to their management and analytic tools, Sprout is highly accessible. This platform offers dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices, so anyone can access their account from any device.


HootSuite offers many of the same management and analytical tools as the other platforms. They are noteworthy for offering a somewhat more customizable experience for your business as well.

HootSuite’s standard “Professional” plan starts at an affordable $49/month. However, the pricing of their various plans increases more steeply as you pay for more detailed analytics. So while “customization” is a feature, it does come with a price tag. The “Team” and “Business” plans start at $129 and $739 per month, respectively.

These large gaps in pricing do make HootSuite a versatile option for businesses of all sizes. The “Professional” plan is a great option for small businesses that are simply looking to grow their brand awareness and web presence. The pricier options are good for larger, established businesses that already have a solid social media presence.

Choosing the Right Tools For Managing Social Media

The needs of your business are unique to your business. Choosing the right tools for managing social media accounts depends on your budget and the scope of your online presence. Your needs will also change depending on which stage of development you are in. But it is important for every business owner to know that these tools exist, and what their options are. Then you can pick the best plan for you!

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