LeBron James & The NBA: Marketing & Branding Case Study

Influencer marketing, be it youtube star, Instagrammer or celebrity, is becoming more and more popular for brands. The strategy is to create more trust and product relate-ability by leveraging that of an already popular celebrity. Endorsement deals like this are time tested and have been around from the start, but influencer endorsement deals are wide-ranging and can be an economical solution to your business. LeBron James is a super-star NBA player that has mastered the art of being an influencer with many different endorsement deals. He also has his own marketing company, TV show and multiple product lines. LeBron James isn’t just good for the NBA, but he’s brought revenue to every city he’s played for as a professional basketball player and has energized and engaged an entire generation of fans, bringing new life to the NBA.

LeBron James and The NBA

Beyond being the most recognizable NBA player, LeBron James has switched teams multiple times, energizing the fan base of each team he’s played for. When he went to Miami and won 2 National Championships it was a much needed boost to the economy of the city, as well as the sports franchise. Few players in any sport can bring the kind of success with them that LeBron James can. It’s rare, too, that a player has so willingly embraced the idea of being a superstar and role model. As LeBron James’ star has continued to rise, so has the NBA’s. International audiences are paying more attention to basketball than ever before, in large part because they love LeBron James.

It’s All About LeBron

He’s never minced words: LeBron James is in it for the money. He hopes to be one of the very few professional athletes to become a billionaire. Fortunately, he’s well on his way. This is why he’s willing to play for the highest bidding team, it’s why he has signed so many endorsement deals and why he has his own marketing agency. LeBron James is an entrepreneur and one of the world’s biggest influencers. Brands that manage to acquire his services see a very strong boost in brand awareness and overall revenue. Add to this that he is one of the best basketball players of all time. Since 2011, LeBron has been to the NBA finals every single year. His basketball prowess, however, seems to be matched by his marketing savvy, making him perhaps the most coveted influencer this decade.

Influencer Marketing

LeBron James may not be available to endorse your brand, but if you own a business, investing in a marketing strategy that involves influencer marketing – be it a popular instagrammer, YouTuber, or local celebrity – can be a very successful approach. Many popular YouTubers have grown the brand awareness of companies in new markets simply by mentioning their products. In many cases,  a partnership between influencers and your business will serve both parties. And better yet, it’s usually a less expensive option than putting together a television commercial. LeBron James is king when it comes to leveraging his icon status into successfully growing brand awareness. However, he’s not the only one. In today’s world, social influencers drive so much of our daily content. But taking advantage of different audiences makes all the difference. 

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