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Marketing Current Events: How Bloomberg Does It

Communication advances, such as smartphones, have made it possible for people to stay current with the news. With the news cycle feeding us information on what happens around us, companies begin exploring how public sentiment around events can affect marketing strategies.

Marketing current events is a challenge that can affect how the public sees a company. As a result, many companies have seen varied results from this strategy, like Pepsi following their release of a controversial ad during the Black Lives Matter protests.  

Marketing with Bloomberg

Bloomberg began as a company formerly known as Information Market Systems founded in 1981. Founder Michael Bloomberg started IMS after being fired from his trading firm with a $10 million payout following a merger., He brought in programmers Tom Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Chuck Zegar to help develop a computerized information system that would provide real-time market data, financial calculations, and other analytics to Wall Street Firms. Since then, the Bloomberg Corporation has been expanding the functionality of its all-in-one financial terminals and broadening its customer base. To this day, consumers trust Bloomberg as one of the earliest computerized information service providers.

A Hong Kong and Singapore study proved that organizations marketing with a premium news outlet stay in mind and promote more interaction. For example, the companies running ads for Bloomberg ran the same ads on social media platforms and saw more people interacting with their ads directly from Bloomberg. This shows that the specific platform matters for community engagement. In addition, it gives potential consumers the idea they are just as premium as they pay.

Creative Marketing and Current Events

Marketing techniques have stabilized and become more streamlined as time passes, and we can’t ignore the impact of creative marketing. It is a combination of traditional marketing strategies and innovative concepts. Clever marketing techniques attract consumers to products and promote interactivity with ads.

Current events can impact product and consumer perspectives. Whether we like it or not, we are bombarded by current events. If a company decides to use creative marketing with a relevant event, it tells the consumer what the company believes. 

For companies like Bloomberg focusing on finance and business, creative marketing with current events can work pretty well. The previously mentioned study with Bloomberg proved that where ads run is essential for an advertisement’s success. Because Bloomberg is a well-trusted platform, their creative ads have a better response. Creative marketing is more about standing out to garner attention. When the right audience notices the right details, it’s super impactful. Bloomberg keeps a close eye on current events and reports on them through the lens of finance. Incorporating that creative marketing with current events keeps people’s interest and informed.

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