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What to Know About the Rise of Newsletter Marketing

Marketing is a constantly fluctuating market, and this is especially true with the evolution of the digital landscape. Businesses must stay on top of these changes and adjust their campaigns as necessary. One such change that has been booming in the marketing sphere is newsletters. Of course, newsletters are far from a new marketing technique, but their use is becoming more valuable than ever as of late.

Let’s take a look at the rise of newsletter marketing and how to use it in your own strategies.

What is the Purpose of Newsletters?

Newsletters can contain a wide variety of information, but it is important not to bloat them with sales content either. The baseline purpose of newsletters is to keep subscribers updated and informed about the company or brand, what they are up to, and information about the particular field or topic.

Overall, the end goal is to provide subscribers with valuable information to build loyalty and trust with the customer base. Ideally, this helps subscribers to convert to customers. But remember, it’s important to write a newsletter authentically without pushing sales.

Don’t Carbon Copy Newsletter Templates

Newsletter templates can be a great way to start creating a newsletter, but they should not be the sole framework. Consumers are constantly bombarded by emails and other marketing attempts, which makes it easy to ignore another canned newsletter pushing them to buy products.

Instead, create newsletter content that offers valuable information subscribers will look forward to reading. Otherwise, newsletters may never even get in front of the customer’s eyes before being sent to the trash. This is not to say that no sales material can be placed into the newsletter, but it should be primarily information-driven.

According to Hubspot, a good balance is 90% educational and 10% promotional. This creates a rapport with subscribers that contributes to them becoming buyers. That way, many subscribers may begin to look forward to the information they get from the newsletter.

Timing is Essential for Effective Newsletters

Several things go into a well-written newsletter. First and foremost is the content. If this isn’t the primary goal, a newsletter campaign will often fall flat.

Another critical factor is the time when newsletters are sent out. According to a study by Marketing Platform, the best time of day to send email newsletters is 7-9 a.m., as most people check their email before starting their work day. This is followed by the 4-6 p.m. time slot as people check emails after work or on their way home.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Writing newsletters may seem like a lot of work with little return, but this is far from the case. According to the DMA Marketer Email Tracker 2019, email marketing still offers the highest ROI of any channel, with an ROI of around $40-52 in return for each dollar spent.

Of course, this may not come all at once, but the investment in effective email marketing will pay off throughout its course.

Ready for Effective Marketing and Content Strategies?

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