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5 Ways Amazon Is Leveraging Their Brand on LinkedIn 

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce companies in the world. In fact, their online presence is massive and the brand is seen everywhere from TV commercials to social media platforms. Doing their share to send the company into the stratosphere of popularity, they have established effective marketing strategies. One of the tools they use to leverage their brand is LinkedIn. So, read on to discover how Amazon makes the most of the platform and how you can too. 

1. Making a Long Story Short 

One of the first things users notice about Amazon’s LinkedIn profile is their bio. It clearly and succinctly communicates their mission. Rather than an encyclopedia-length bio expected from a company of their stature, they get to the point by laying out their values briefly and in plain language. Finding the sweet spot when it comes to word count can determine whether users actually read your LinkedIn bio. Also, Amazon’s profile employs a LinkedIn marketing strategy that focuses primarily on the company’s mission. In short, a well-written bio will tell your potential customers exactly who you are and how your brand can make their life better. 

2. Creating a Connected Network

There is a reason why Amazon’s LinkedIn profile has over 22 million followers and counting. While many companies use LinkedIn as a formality to source potential employees, Amazon makes the most of the platform’s interactive features. For example, they frequently post photos and content, increasing the potential for new followers. This keeps visitors up-to-date with the latest news and posts and gives them the ability to interact by liking and sharing the post. Also, this approach lets users know that the brand is active and gives them access to the latest photos and videos. 

3. Displaying Insights 

Amazon displays their company’s insights on their profile. Marketing with LinkedIn is about transparency and driving traffic to your brand’s website. The insights feature is adjusted based on user activity and will provide a quick overview of your business’ demographics. Users will be able to see a host of information depending on their LinkedIn subscription. Also, Amazon links and displays their company’s website prominently. This is essential to bringing potential customers to your products and services. Think of your website as a destination and your LinkedIn page as a road map. The two must be connected in order for the magic to happen. 

4. Brand Identity 

Most people can recognize the Amazon logo anywhere. One of the reasons is because the brand uses it across multiple platforms. They make use of their LinkedIn profile photo to display a logo that millions recognize. By the same token, their cover photo proudly boasts their status as one of LinkedIn’s top companies in the US. Being consistent with your brand’s logo will help establish its identity and keep it fresh in the minds of consumers worldwide. Take a tip from Amazon’s profile and choose a logo that clearly represents your brand’s voice, shows off your achievements, and is instantly recognizable. 

5. This Brand is Going Places

Amazon’s LinkedIn profile also utilizes the platform to post their events. As a result, followers and visitors are constantly in the loop about what the brand is doing and where they’re going. Users can click for more information about the event and share it to their newsfeed. Using this feature expands the company’s reach, can potentially increase the turnout at their events, and further the brand’s overall impact. 

Make the most of your profile and consider some of Amazon’s LinkedIn marketing solutions. From cultivating a great bio to sharing relevant posts, you will need superior content. Using social media sites to leverage your brand requires quality content across the board. Your words tell the unique story of your company. Start standing out today! 

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