Bad Online Reputation: How It’s Affecting Your Company’s Recruitment Efforts

The Woes of Bad Online Reputation

It’s a pretty straight forward fact that a bad corporate reputation is not one that most people flock to for a job. Even under the stress of unemployment, 1,000 men and women were surveyed and over half of each gender agreed that they were not likely to join a company with a bad online reputation. With results of that magnitude, it’s clear to say that the importance of a clean and positive reputation is high.

A tarnished name is a never going to be of help when recruiting for your company. Though a study showed that younger people would work at a poorer reputation office, those older and more familiar with unhappy working conditions are less willing to work in such a corporation. For recruitment, this could have costly effects on your employment costs. Hiring with a bad online reputation can see an increase in salaries and benefits to make up for the state of the company to potential hires. When a company has a good reputation, however, the costs are lower for candidates wishing to work at such a great establishment. It can also create a better retention of employees when there is a good reputation standing for the company.

Fix Your Online Reputation

Bad online reputation can be a significant problem to fix when you take other factors into consideration. It’s not just word of mouth that can ruin your reputation. Sites like Glassdoor and various other review websites are the main areas visited by consumers and employee prospects to get a feel for the rating of a company. When these reviews are full of complaints and low ratings, people grow wary of your company name.

To fix your online reputation, you have to think long term. How does a year of negative reviews affect your corporation in the long run? With a bad online reputation, the operating costs could outweigh every other area of your company. In that retrospect, paying for reputation repair services is a worthy cost in the grand scheme of a corporation’s solvency.

Here are a few points to protect to help fix your online reputation:

  • Monitor online comments. You should be aware of what people are spreading about your business. If it’s negative, you may be in luck to remove it depending on the truthfulness of it or any potential defamation.
  • Locate the source. For sites like Glassdoor, or Indeed, any of them where employees current or past can leave a review, you want to make sure it’s factual and positive. No one will want to work at a place that doesn’t treat their staff properly. You can encourage current employees to leave positive reviews and promote good aspects of working at the company. This will help outweigh any negative ones on there.
  • Have an online reputation management strategy. This should one of the focal points of protecting your online reputation. It should cover the company’s social media platforms as well as responding to any reviews online, negative or positive.

Keeping these points in will definitely have a marketed difference in fixing your bad online reputation. Outsourcing to a company that is extremely knowledgeable in reputation repair services can be a huge tool to use as well. This will protect your online reputation at all times. It also repairs any possible recruitment problems along the way. Oftentimes, employees can be a main source of negativity to your reputation. But maintaining a good work force and happy employees will ultimately save your company at the end of the day. For solutions to bad online reputation, you want to enable staying above unnecessary costs and hire the right employees that will only push for excellence and expand your company.

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