Video Marketing: Does it Provide SEO Value

Why You Should Have Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most worthy investments for marketing and promotion out there. In more recent years, the use of video marketing has doubled and the tools to customize it to your industry are endless. The main reason marketers continue to choose and create videos for their marketing strategy is simple – there are always results from it. Statistically speaking, video marketing sees a revenue growth of twice as fast as their competitors who don’t implement videos. To top it, a recent study showed that 84% of consumers are sold on buying a product after watching a video of it from the seller.

The real question to answer for video content marketing is this: what SEO value does it have? Video marketing can actually boost your search engine results remarkably. In a very straight forward fashion, Google is highly interested in the media attached to a website. Therefore, adding videos to your website will instantly boost your SEO. Having multiple outlets on your site for a visitor to read or see about the services or products offered is a fountain of wealth for your ROI. Adding video content marketing on your landing page will have a strong and positive result to your SEO.

Video Marketing Plans

There are several steps to check and set in place for your video content marketing. They are:

  • Keeping accurate metadata. Make sure it translates to the topics and categories of what the video is about and in line with the SEO for it.
  • Placing keywords into video titles and description. This is an important factor for the SEO of your video. The keywords should be in both the title and description. This will better rank it on search engines.
  • Adding relevant blog posts and transcripts when applicable. Linking a similar blog that will further inform the viewer of the subject of the video could seal the deal for that consumer on your service or product.

Having these in place will ensure that your videos are properly tuned to the SEO you need for them. After that, it’s all about distributing and promoting. Quite literally, send it out everywhere. The more you launch your videos on different platforms, the more people will find it, watch it, and visit your site because of it. This includes on social media. Videos are one of the top trends on social media, so make sure you monopolize it.

Whether it’s through email, YouTube or Facebook, the main point is to receive as many clicks as possible for it while building positive feedback. The view count of a video determines where it will show up on a person’s search so the higher ranking it is, the more people will see it. This is an incredibly heavy traffic outlet to create on and see the results from in no time at all.

Video Marketing Services

With Google constantly pushing the envelope for more ways to connect users online through their searches, videos are certainly included in that equation. It would be a fool’s errand not to capitalize on video marketing services for your online website. With video content added to the mix of pages featuring text, it almost triples the number of linking domains. This is essential to SEO. When you increase your SEO, you are strengthening how many more people will find your website. Design Lab can create all kinds of video marketing options for you to best suit your website and the SEO value you want. Placing relevant videos with SEO on your website will translate to online visitors. Help reach your target audience with just a click on Play.

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