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Hello Fresh + Millennial Trends: Marketing For Subscription Services

Subscription services seem to be a growing trend right now.  It’s hard to check out social media or open your inbox without seeing an ad. An ad for some type of subscription service like Hello Fresh.  Whether the ads are for beauty products, shave kits, or dinner, subscription services are putting themselves out there. They’re doing it through heavy marketing. These subscription services increase in popularity. So more and more competitors have entered the market. Each subscription service must think critically about how to stand out in a crowded field and how to best utilize their marketing dollars.  

Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service offering fast and fresh meals.  has focused their marketing efforts on millennials because of the popularity of subscriptions among this age group.

What Is Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh is one of several meal prep services that have entered the market in the past few years.  The concept behind Hello Fresh is that subscribers receive a box containing everything they need. It’s all to prepare a healthy, fresh dinner, and quick. Each recipe is designed to be ready in 30 minutes.  Dietitians prepare a selection of ten new recipes each week. Users choose the recipes they find most appealing.

Further options include whether they would like a meal for a couple or a family. Also, vegetarian or vegan options, and how many meals they would like each week (between two and four).  Each box includes all the necessary ingredients for a meal. Even spices, and condiments. Users never have to worry about starting a new recipe, only to discover halfway through that they are missing key ingredients.

Marketing Subscriptions to Millennials

Marketing subscription services to millennials is a good strategy because of millennials’ willingness to purchase subscription services.  One recent survey by the marketing firm Fluent found that millennials were 24% more likely to have a meal kit subscription service than baby boomers and 16% more likely than the American public as a whole.  But as the number of meal prep subscription services increases, businesses like Hello Fresh need to make themselves stand out from their competitors. The question is, how can businesses separate themselves from the pack?  

Hello Fresh has chosen to target their marketing at millennials, as they are the most receptive audience. Offering a variety of ethnic and unusual recipes appeals to the foodie culture and adventurism found in millennials.  Other techniques highlight the benefits of a Hello Fresh subscription. Social media ads feature millennial influencers opening their boxes from Hello Fresh as they describe the myriad ways subscription meal prep has made their lives easier.  

Their ads and website focus on the ease and flexibility of a Hello Fresh subscription. “No commitment” the website proclaims–meal delivery can be skipped, paused, and restarted at any time. Coupon codes available for first-time subscribers keep the Hello Fresh cost down.  These marketing techniques target the chief reasons why people shy away from subscriptions in the first place: high price and recurring subscriptions. Providing discounts and making it easy to skip delivery gives people the freedom to subscribe to Hello Fresh without feeling locked in.  

Their Key to Success

By focusing their marketing efforts on a group known to be receptive to their product, and addressing potential drawbacks in advance, Hello Fresh has improved their chances of initial subscriptions and customer retention.  This type of forward-thinking marketing strategy is critical in today’s competitive market.  At Web Content Development, we personalize our marketing campaigns for each client based on the product, target audience, and budget.  Call us today to create a marketing strategy specific to your needs.

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