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A statue of Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse at Disney Land

How Disney Maintains Customer Loyalty

One of the most powerful brands in the world, Disney, can be thought of as a tourist trap. They have been attracting customers and ‘wowing’ their fans since Walt Disney first imagined Mickey Mouse, and they still do. However, if you are like the majority of people out there, you might have no idea that Disneyland’s main customer base actually constitutes of locals who hold Annual Passes and come numerous times a year.

Perhaps the most surprising thing would be the hard-core Disney fanatics. Those who visit the park multiple times a week sometimes go just to sit on a beach and watch people pass by. This is the customer loyalty that we find the most interesting. In fact, it’s loyalty on a whole new level.

Leaving the park aside, there are Disney movies, accompanying franchises, and merchandise. It altogether mints over $10 billion in profit every year.

So many active global and local fans bring continued growth and a 70% return rate of first-time visitors. It’s pretty clear that Disney’s marketing team is doing a great job. But, how do they do it?

Here are some of Disney’s powerful marketing strategies worth applying to your own business.

Multi-Channel Strategies For Different Audience Segments

Marketing strategies are never a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. The strategies vary depending on your target audience, their demographics, interests, and more.

The company’s marketing team keeps their fans engaged by coming up with strategic content for different target audience segments.

For instance, let’s take a look at Disney’s Star Wars revival. It was efficient in drawing the attention of both millennials as well as the older generation. Those who enjoyed the original version. Their official Star Wars Instagram account that rocks a massive 6.6 million followers is constantly updated with engaging videos, fun facts, recipes, and other forms of content.

On the other hand, Disney’s hit movie, Frozen, targeted a younger generation who simply do not have an Instagram account. Thus, they targeted this audience segment with a medium – toys, Frozen-themed books, food, backpacks, and games.

Everyone Is Unique And Special 

If you have watched Disney films, you would know that most of them are based on the concept of being special and unique..

The Disney staff indeed do a great job in making people feel like prince and princesses. Cast members pass out badges and balloons to children at random, and princesses stop on their track to greet little girls. What’s more, guests are even allowed to ‘captain’ the Mark Twain Riverboat or Jungle Cruise.

Disney’s customer service is famous and surprisingly positive. Whether you are claustrophobic, cynical, or autistic, the staff does their best to make you feel special in the most surprising of ways.

Nostalgia To Evoke Customer Loyalty

Since Walt Disney first established Disney, the company has been leaving emotional footprints on people’s lives. Disney has mastered the art of using nostalgia by remaking old classics such as The Jungle Book, and Beauty and The Beast.

When it comes to the Beauty and the Beast remake, the film featured the same songs, story, and characters as the trailer from 1991 that it evoked a strong sense of longing among modern parents. This, in turn, enticed them to bring their children to the movie.

It’s All About Themes

Disney does it differently by not just popping certain characters around the rides, but immersing the rides in the theme as much as possible. The cast members are made sure to not wander away into a different theming, there are specific scents used for each ride – honey for Winnie-the-Pooh, and brine for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Even the car parking areas are named Toy Story parking, Pumba Parking and more.  This immersive element of getting the theme outright works. Disney makes sure that their voice and persona is reflected throughout their entire business.

If you would like to know more about creating marketing strategies similar to Disney’s, message or call us today.

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