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A person types on the computer, demonstrating the potential for AI content.

Is AI Content Really Worth It?

In recent years, AI content has taken the world by storm. Chatbot technology such as ChatGPT has emerged on the scene, allowing people to write reports, essays, letters, and so much more. They can even help solve complex algebra problems.

While this sort of technology can offer quick and simple solutions to otherwise time-consuming problems, is AI content really worth it for businesses? Do the pros actually outweigh the cons?

This article will address the positives and negatives of AI content creation so you can decide for yourself.

The Positives of an AI Content Generator

The process of using an AI content generator is pretty straightforward. You ask a question and give context for the content you must create, and the technology does it for you. 

Thus, AI can utilize information it finds online to create content quickly, efficiently, and accurately. AI is also multilingual, allowing you to create content in different languages.

While this technology can help you save time and simplify editing, many people can tell the difference between AI content and human content.

The Negatives of an AI Content Writer

An AI content writer saves businesses time and money. However, most businesses would agree that quality is even more important than quantity. While humans are flawed, these imperfections are relatable and make us feel connected. 

At the end of the day, business success is achieved by creating and building connections. Here are 4 major drawbacks of choosing an AI content writer.

Lacks Creativity

While AI tools can access a wide range of information directly from the internet, they are not able to match the creativity of human beings. The content AI can generate is based on pre-existing templates, algorithms, and data. 

This technology can essentially mash up a bunch of information from different websites, but it cannot create fresh or original thoughts or content.

Due to this lack of creativity, many readers can pick up on the bland and formulaic aspects of AI-generated content. They tend to use the same sorts of robotic phrasing, which can easily turn potential customers off. 

Even as AI continues to progress, it still fails to create a relatable tone for readers and customers to connect with.

Struggles to Understand Context

Context plays a massive role in our day-to-day lives. The way to respond to problems, what we like, and how we behave are all impacted by context. Since technology is not human, they do not understand the intricacies of human wants and needs. Because of this, technology often falls flat. 

Social references and nuances, slang, and wordplay do not register for AI content generators. All of these things are essential to creating a rapport and connection with a customer. Without them, you’re limiting your ability to build new clients.

Cannot Create Original Content

Human beings can think critically and imaginatively. Simply put, this technology cannot. They are programmed and developed to generate content quickly but thoughtlessly. 

As mentioned above, building a business is about creating connections, not simply creating large amounts of content.

Creates Bias Content

Artificial Intelligence generators gather information from internet sources. While that gives them access to an unfathomable amount of resources, they cannot understand ethics and bias. This technology cannot properly discern between a hurtful or respectful tone. They do not know how to suss out potentially discriminatory or prejudiced content. 

This can create huge headaches for businesses that do not properly edit articles after an AI generator.

Instead of AI Content, Choose Web Content Development Today

When it comes to creating relatable content, there’s nothing like the human touch. As AI content grows in popularity, Web Content Development knows the importance of quality over quantity. Our team of experienced and highly qualified content creators knows just the right buttons to push to connect deeply with your customers.

At Web Content Development, we offer various marketing services, from copyrighting to SEO to web design. Are you ready to get started? Contact us at Web Content Development today.

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Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva

Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva has worked in the Internet marketing industry for the last 20-years. Erica is the top-secret SEO weapon to marketing and advertising agencies in the world. She has generated over 300+ million in revenue for high-value brands such as Walmart, Pottery Barn, iRobot, Cutting Edge Firewood, Kelley Blue Book, and many more. Erica has custom-created more than 1,000 content, SEO, and marketing strategies which held the key to doubling and tripling online traffic, and marketing ROI. She has also authored a series of online publications including The Digital Branding Survival Guide, Million Dollar Marketing, 5 Steps to Increase Web Traffic by Blogging, and Repairing Your Online Reputation.