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Is SEO Still a Factor in 2021

Many people are wondering if search engine optimization (SEO) is still a factor in 2021. While we already know that the internet serves as an essential tool for communication, we’re left to wonder just how essential it is. However, with the global pandemic, more companies than ever have been forced online. This has accelerated our dependence on search engines to find what we’re looking for. In short: yes, SEO is still a factor in 2021. But what does this mean?

The Importance of Organic Traffic

Now that Google has undergone a lot of algorithm updates and changes to their search results pages (SERPs), old techniques no longer work. Unfortunately, the result is that even some well-established companies with big budgets have struggled to get organic traffic here. This is because it takes much more than great content to get a good ranking in the SERPs today. Nevertheless, doing so is more important than ever if you’re interested in reaping long-term results.

Studies have shown that more than half of the traffic a website receives is from organic sources. This is only one of the many ways organic traffic will benefit you, though. Other ways include:

  • People head to Google first when they want to buy a product or service. This is especially true when someone is making a big purchase.
  • When you invest in SEO services, you’re investing in long-term results. Once you’re ranked high in the SERPs, you’ll stay there as long as you maintain your website.
  • With high rankings come more customers and more sales. If you’re a local business, this will be especially important for you.
  • Since people trust Google to provide them with the most relevant information, ranking high in their SERPs means you’ll get a lot more traffic. People will be able to find you here, no matter what time of day it is or where they’re located.

What Is Dead in 2021

Some of the techniques that worked for search engine optimization in the past no longer work today. This is because Google’s algorithm updates have done a lot when it comes to getting rid of poor-quality content. While these updates have also made it more competitive to get organic clicks, they’ve also brought some new opportunities with them for things, such as videos and high-quality content. These are things that the new, more sophisticated Google can distinguish now more than ever.

Things that worked to generate traffic in the past, such as spammy backlinks, copied content, keyword stuffing, and clickbait headlines, will no longer propel your website to the top of the SERPs. Google can easily detect spam, so these practices will no longer work.  Now you need a fast, reliable website that’s optimized for mobile devices.

These updates have sent a lot of self-proclaimed SEO services who considered themselves experts scrambling. This is because the techniques they were using are no longer helpful for websites. These techniques are more likely to get your website penalized, something that’ll make it even more difficult for your website to rank well in the SERPs.

SEO in 2021

If you’re still wondering if SEO is a factor in 2021, you should know that it is worth every bit of your effort. However, you need to know how to do things correctly if you want to benefit from it. This isn’t something that everyone is going to be able to do. In fact, it can quickly become a full-time job.

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Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva

Erica D’Arcangelo – De Silva has worked in the Internet marketing industry for the last 20-years. Erica is the top-secret SEO weapon to marketing and advertising agencies in the world. She has generated over 300+ million in revenue for high-value brands such as Walmart, Pottery Barn, iRobot, Cutting Edge Firewood, Kelley Blue Book, and many more. Erica has custom-created more than 1,000 content, SEO, and marketing strategies which held the key to doubling and tripling online traffic, and marketing ROI. She has also authored a series of online publications including The Digital Branding Survival Guide, Million Dollar Marketing, 5 Steps to Increase Web Traffic by Blogging, and Repairing Your Online Reputation.