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Marketing strategies might need to change alongside big company changes.

JetBlue Buying Spirit Air: What it Means for The Brand’s Marketing Strategies

In a $3.8 billion deal, JetBlue agreed to buy Spirit Airlines. This now puts JetBlue on the map as the 5th largest airline in the entire country, the 1st being American Airlines. What does this mean for the airline, and how will this inevitably shift their marketing strategies? 

This big move for JetBlue means exponential growth for the company. This means expanding its marketing even wider, with the company hoping to compete with other top dogs in the airline industry. Not only does this pose great changes in air travel, changes in the way we do marketing, too.

JetBlue and Their Marketing Strategies

As to be expected, the 2020 pandemic created a tidal wave of change in public air travel. Airlines were forced to shift their strategies to regain customer traction and build upon everything they lost. Inevitably, JetBlue began a strict clean-plane policy to foster customer trust, marketing its services as highly reliable and safe. As a result, the airline saw significant growth in sales and maintained its pristine reputation.

Meanwhile, Spirit Airlines became infamous for the exact opposite. Spirit’s reputation for incessant flight delays, poor communication, long bag-drop lines, and bumpy rides preceded its decline in sales. It became a punchline at best, and though its fares were cheap, they didn’t have the customers to show for it.

Why JetBlue’s Marketing Strategies are Successful

JetBlue’s people-first marketing strategies show potential customers that the airline will always value their experience above all else. JetBlue has a masterful way of transforming the things people dread about flying into something they can actually look forward to. 

This was skillfully demonstrated through their FlyBabies Campaign. It’s a well-known fact that most people dread a crying baby on their flight. Parents and passengers alike will do just about anything to avoid this reality. JetBlue actually promised their customers generous credit if a baby cried incessantly on their flight. This is what makes JetBlue’s marketing strategy so unique: they place the customer experience at the forefront no matter what the cost. This cultivates customer loyalty and trust and, ultimately, drives sales, too.

Now that Spirit is expected to merge with JetBlue after the deal closes, this could lead to Spirit’s inevitable rebrand. JetBlue made an extremely smart marketing move by choosing to take over Spirit. It’s a classic rags-to-riches story for the disreputable airline and will accelerate JetBlue’s growth, too. It’s a win for both companies, as they both got what they wanted in the $3.8 billion deal.

JetBlue’s Increase in Digital Marketing Strategies

The rise in a digital marketing presence will also pose changes for JetBlue and Spirit’s future brands. As a matter of fact, JetBlue has created some great digital marketing campaigns to bolster its brand, and this is likely in store for Spirit, too.

JetBlue has famously created fantastic digital content that has set it apart from other major airlines. Its branding remains consistently people-focused, warm, and engaging. JetBlue has created digital short films, including the touching HumanKinda, and a comedic Youtube series on Flight Etiquette

Through its digital content, you’ll see that JetBlue offers more than just a sales pitch. They’re positioning themselves as a people-first brand, valuing customer satisfaction above all else.

Naturally, we expect to see more of this from both JetBlue and Spirit in the upcoming months. JetBlue stays active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Moreover, digital content creation has never been more important for the airline. As brand awareness increases and eyes are on the two merging airlines, their digital marketing strategy needs to follow suit. 

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