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A delicious content marketing strategy is all about balance.

How Ben and Jerry’s Balances Social Activism with Their Content Marketing Strategy

Social media has become a small pond with a lot of big fish. Because of this, big brands with the budget, internal resources, and creative edge find ways to stand out above the crowd. Additionally, as consumers become more socially and eco-conscious, they expect the companies they support to follow suit. For large companies to build reputations as do-gooders, a content marketing strategy is critical for both digital and traditional avenues. One brand that has found significant success in doing both is Ben and Jerry’s, the iconic ice cream brand and well-known community activism supporter.

Let’s take a closer look at how Ben and Jerry’s utilizes social media and a content strategy to showcase their brand, social beliefs, and how the two movements collide. 

A Unique Approach: Content Marketing Mixed With Clever Flavors That Do Good

When most brands test their traditional flavors on focus groups for feedback, Ben & Jerry’s combines flavors, adds flavors and creates tasty concoctions that create interest. It doesn’t hurt that their ice cream flavors have the cheekiest, most enticing flavor names that get fans buzzing about trying new flavors ASAP. 

With clever names like Chubby Hubby, Netflix & Chill’d, and Glampfire Trail Mix, how could you not want to try every flavor they have? It’s a marketer’s dream to build a marketing and content strategy based on a brand like Ben and Jerry’s. With clever products, quality ingredients, and a solid brand, it’s sweet as can be!

Along with tasty flavors, Ben & Jerry’s boldly supports causes and efforts. From criminal justice reform to climate justice, disadvantaged children, justice and rights for the LGBTQ+ community, voting rights, and more, Ben and Jerry’s uses their voice.

Some people question why ice cream has to become political. Ben & Jerry’s answers loudly by never backing down. They continue to team up with celebrities, activists, and social organizations associated them with important social movements. They’ll create delicious, unique flavors dedicated to them, and donate proceeds to important causes.

How Ben & Jerry’s Marketing Accomplishes What Some Content Marketing Services Fail to Do

Content marketing strategies often fail to achieve total cohesiveness. Some strategies take the “see what sticks” methodology. For this, companies test a variety of pieces at one time and promote them equally. Then, afterwards, they analyze what was received successfully and what wasn’t. 

This may work for the occasional project, but it’s not a viable approach to marketing. Most often, the momentum is derailed by a disjointed strategy that has no clear path forward. 

Ben & Jerry’s marketing strategy focuses on two pillars. First, of course, is selling ice cream. The second is aligning themselves with organizations and individuals with the same goals, values, and perspectives as them.

While they may not see eye to eye on every social issue, Ben & Jerry’s understands the value of declaring their stances. Doing so allows them to further the reach of social activism campaigns that they want to spotlight.

Ben & Jerry’s Has Had Some Sweet Cameos

Some popular partnerships include Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream Fund. Ben and Jerry’s donates a portion of sales from each Americone Dream ice cream to support underserved youth and veterans in America.

Other socially fueled flavors include Home Sweet Honeycomb, which supported legislation in Europe to safely resettle refugees. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (I Dough, I Dough) supported various human rights campaigns. It was developed in 2015 when marriage equality was achieved in the Supreme Court.

Amplify Your Brand’s Message with Web Content Development

We get it — creating a content strategy and launching it across multiple social platforms can be daunting, especially if you don’t have a cohesive strategy. 

Fortunately, Web Content Development offers many services in strategy development and social media management. We work alongside our clients to develop marketing and content strategies. We cultivate strategies that align with your company’s short and long-term goals, KPIs, and bottom line. 

If you’re looking for help building and scaling a digital marketing strategy, we can help. Reach out to us today, so we can get to work on increasing your brand exposure and social reach online.

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