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Foundational Marketing is the marketing steps taken to build a solid foundation for how to market your business successfully.

Foundational Marketing Services

With how many methods and ideas for marketing are out there, it could be difficult to know how to market your business. Some companies and individuals have truly nailed it when it comes to marketing their product or service. Fortunately, this is possible for every company and individual. Although, the major first step in any marketing for anyone or anything is Foundational Marketing. 

What is Foundational Marketing?

When hearing about foundational marketing, your first question may be, “what’s that?” As the name implies, foundational marketing is simply the marketing steps taken to build a solid foundation from which all other marketing will take place. It is the way that you communicate who you are, what you do, your goods or services, and establish communication with your customers or clients. There are several steps in this process that can help build a solid marketing base for your business:

Preparation and Organization

Preparation and organization are important in everything and this is very true of business operations and foundational marketing. You can get organized on how to market your business by establishing answers to the following types of questions:

  • What is the goal of your business?
  • Is there a purpose for your goods or services? What is it?
  • What would someone search for to find your business on Google?
  • How do you measure proficiency and production?
  • What are your ideal statistics for your business?

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Digital Assets

In today’s day and age, you need digital assets to be recognized by. This includes assets like a proper logo, a well designed website, and one of the most important: social media pages. Social media is critical these days. It is a major influence in getting your company out there and being in communication with your audience. In fact, social media can be a huge boon for you and your business if used correctly. You can’t just make a profile on these platforms and call it good, but rather, these profiles need to be properly managed. 

Make Your Business Discoverable

When it comes to search engines, no one beats Google. There are other engines that try to compete, but let’s be real, Google is what a large majority of people are going to use when doing an online search. This means that you need to focus on being discoverable early in a search on Google. For foundational marketing, the first step for this is simply to get your business listed on Google. You can create your business listing, answer a few questions, verify your business by Google sending you a postcard and then clicking the confirm link. 

Make Use of Your Digital Assets

Once you have your digital assets, you need to actually use them to your benefit. As mentioned above with social media, this means making posts and staying engaged with your audience and customers. With your website, it means creating a blog that is keyword optimized to create more traffic and engagement. Post these blog articles or links to them on all of your social media accounts to drive traffic back to your site. Also, create an email database of your customers so that you can send out campaigns to bring them back. 

Tracking Statistics

Tracking the various statistics and analytics of these actions is vital to optimization. Every single campaign and promotion needs to be tracked so that you can find out what is working. This way, you know what type of campaigns and promotions to continue using and which ones to tweak or make better. Do not simply launch campaigns or promotions and forget about them, as that is an easy way to lose money on things that are not working. Find out which ones bring traffic and use them, and improve or drop the others. 

We Make Foundational Marketing Easy

If you are looking to get started with excellent foundational marketing, then let Web Content Development help. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to everything marketing and we want to provide you the best possible results. Our foundational marketing package gives you the perfect base to launch numerous targeted marketing campaigns and expand your business operations or sales. Call Web Content Development and see how we can help.

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