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Spotify Spotlight: What We Can Learn From Streaming

Spotify has taken the world of podcasts to a whole new level with their launch of Spotlight. Spotlight is essentially a forum for podcasts with the addition of visual elements to each episode. But the addition of a visual component doesn’t end at just podcasts; Spotlight is reinventing audiobooks, news, podcasts and other audio content with the addition of photos, video and other visual elements. Below is an overview of what Spotify Spotlight is and what we can learn from the evolving world of streaming.

What is Spotify Spotlight?

Spotify Spotlight is the new multimedia platform created exclusively for Spotify users. The implementation of Spotlight won’t change the standard interface users are familiar with, but instead, it has enhanced it. Now, when streaming a podcast or an audiobook, users will see an added multimedia component. Move through episodes of a podcast or chapters of an audiobook. You may see visual elements such as photos, text or videos on the left side of the Spotify app screen. All the visual components displayed are contextual. They relate to the episode or chapter being streamed.

According to Spotify, the implementation of Spotlight is intended to “provide deeper insight to users favorite artists, playlists, books, publishers, and more by offering contextual visual elements”. Spotlight features media from:

  • Gimlet Media
  • Crooked Media
  • Cheddar
  • BuzzFeed
  • Original Spotify series such as:
    • RISE
    • Secret Genius
    • Spotify Singles sessions

Outside companies seemed eager to partner with Spotify on the launch of this new feature. Which gives the impression that this may be the determining factor that successfully separates Spotify from their competitors.

What Can We Learn From Streaming?

Spotify’s implementation of Spotlight may not seem like a big deal. But it’s really a huge leap for the music streaming sector. Adding in a visual component helps to connect pop-culture with once audio-only services. This brings in a whole new dynamic of advertising. As well as pop-culture, and influence to millions of people across the United States. Ben Smith, the editor in chief of BuzzFeed News, said in a statement.

“It feels like a generation ago that MTV news delivered the latest to a whole generation of music fans, but it’s not hard to imagine BuzzFeed News and Spotify doing the same thing in 2018”.

This comparison helps depict why so many partners are on board with Spotify’s new project and have eagerly agreed to produce programming for the Spotlight feature on Spotify. Smith adds,

“We’re incredibly excited to bring together our award-winning audio team, world-class journalism, and Spotify’s massive, dynamic platform to get listeners up to speed every morning”.

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service with over 70 million users worldwide. The implementation of this audio-visual component differentiates Spotify from competitors such as Apple Music. And puts Spotify into more direct competition with platforms such as YouTube.


As the future of the media and the news grows, so will these multi-media platforms. Implementing text, newsfeeds, photos, and videos into a platform that already has 70 million viewers is a successful and dynamic way to influence an entire generation and culture. So it’s no wonder to us that Spotlight quickly had so many outside companies eager to get on board with this project.

We are always intrigued by and following the changes and growth in our current multi-media platforms. For more information on how to reach a larger target audience or make personalized changes to your growing businesses marketing efforts reach out to us at info@webcontentdevelopment.com or (800) 316-9664.


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