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Taylor Swift’s “ME!”: Visual and Video Marketing in 2019

Historically, businesses have long relied on the media to establish their brand name and image.  For decades, that basically meant relying on print media and the radio. But then came television. With it came the opportunity to utilize visual commercials and product placements. Nowadays, businesses have even greater opportunities to reach their target audience with video marketing.

Above all, digital media offers the chance to strategically put information out there. Even more, there’s the chance to digitally interact with the receiving audience.  Two critical components of digital marketing are video marketing and visual marketing. First, Taylor Swift is arguably the current queen of pop. Thus, she has utilized these digital tools to her advantage. In fact, the recent release of the music video for her single “ME!” is a prime example. It shows how she uses visual and video marketing. With these tools, she cements and publicizes her brand. 

What are Video Marketing and Visual Marketing?

Video and visual marketing are two components of digital media marketing.  Visual marketing includes anything that the target audience will see. Video marketing includes any video content used to market the brand.  Together, the two encompass a range of digital services, including:

Video content prepared for a variety of platforms, such as:

  • OTT platforms
  • Video On Demand
  • Broadcast Television
  • Mobile
  • Online Publisher
  • Social Media
  • Theatrical
  • Print Media
  • Blu-Ray

Visual content prepared for a variety of platforms, such as:

  • Mobile
  • Online Publisher
  • Print Media
  • Social Media

Digital Media Management

Naturally, digital media management services will provide all the necessary services surrounding video and visual marketing.  However, a digital media management provider will not simply produce video and visual content. They will also:

First, Distribute the content to:

    • National, cable, and local broadcasts
    • Syndicators
    • Digital publishers
    • Theaters
    • Radio, and beyond.
  • Also, convert files so that the content can fit any format and platform specification.

Next, Prepare content with:

    • Quality control
    • Color correction
    • Customization
    • Encoding
    • Transcoding
    • Conversion.

Then, Deliver content to:

      • iTunes
      • OTT platforms
      • Mobile formats
      • Film festivals
      • Digital/publisher use
      • Digital cinema packages
      • Broadcast television, and more.

And finally, provide post-production services such as:

        • Closed captioning
        • Subtitling
        • DCP encryption
        • Digitization
        • Duplication
        • DVD or Blu-ray authoring or replication
        • Editorial, file creation
        • Voice-over insertion
        • Tagging
        • Time tailoring
        • Watermarking, and more.

Taylor Swift’s “ME!” Music Video

Indeed, Taylor Swift controls every bit of her image. So it should come as no surprise that she uses digital media management to promote herself and her brand.  Particularly, the recent release of the music video for her single “ME!” illustrates how she uses visual and video marketing to her advantage. Significantly, the release of the video precedes the release of her new album.  As a result, it’s drumming up speculation about and anticipation for that album.  Notably, the video was released for television and live streaming on the same day. April 26. For this reason, it had generated 65.2 million views on YouTube within just 24 hours.

In essence, each of those views is an advertisement for her upcoming album. But of course, Taylor Swift did not stop with YouTube.  She also used Instagram to announce that she says the title for her new album is in the video. Straightaway, her fans pounced on that tidbit. In time, the Internet is filled with speculation about the new title. So Taylor Swift used visual and video marketing (online and on television) to publicize her new album. In the meantime, her fans continue to interact online. Coupled with the other strategies, this is publicizing the album even more. For that reason, this media strategy fully encompasses all that digital media marketing has to offer.

Would you like to learn more about how video marketing and visual marketing can work for your business?  Reach out to the marketing professionals at Web Content Development so that you can start using these strategies for your own success.

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