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Game of Thrones Marketing: Why This Show Is So Popular

You’re probably aware that the premiere of the Game of Thrones final season has aired on HBO. Whether you’ve been watching it or not, it’s hard to ignore how big of a deal GoT has become. So far, it has attracted millions of viewers and won dozens of awards – and that’s no surprise. Why is Game of Thrones so popular? The TV show has an interesting and compelling storyline. On top of that, their marketing strategy is kind of genius. It is expertly and consistently tailored to reach broad audiences, cultivate viewer loyalty, and maintain high levels of engagement.

Why is Game of Thrones So Popular?

GoT Leverages the Power of Social Media

The use of social media on Game of Thrones is varied and well executed. Since the TV show’s first production, the marketing team at HBO network has continuously implemented effective social media campaigns. For instance, the TV show has its own Facebook page, twitter handle and YouTube channel to help increase the fan base, keep them engaged, and maintain interest.

To facilitate social media marketing, GoT has also executed another effective campaign; hashtag (#catchthethrone). The hashtag has allowed other brands, influential individuals and companies to ride on the show’s success wave and promote the series even further. As a result, the GoT has amassed a huge fan base and made the marketing of its final season effortless and seamless.

GoT Has a Production Blog

Aside from the social media campaign, GoT has put in place a production blog  – “Making Game of Thrones.” The blog’s sole intent is to help their audience keep tabs on everything that is happening behind the scenes at the series. It features event coverage, exclusive images, interviews with the cast and crew, and other superfan essentials. This has not only helped generate intrigue and suspense, but has increased excitement, conversation, interaction, and engagement among the audience.

GoT Creates Sharable Content

Whether on social media or their production blog, GoT content is well appropriated. Posts and links are strategic to maximize the ease of liking, commenting and sharing with others. The social media posts and YouTube videos, for instance, integrate memes, jokes and a plethora of other exciting materials. With the increased audience engagement, GoT has garnered more than 23 million likes on Facebook, 9.9 million on Instagram, 8.4 million followers on Twitter, and over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube.


Over the last seven seasons, GoT has released countless promotion photos, blog posts, trailers and videos on their social media channels and production blog. Their teasers and trailers are always painstakingly created to create excitement, buzz, and suspense. The result?  More than 33 million viewers remain glued on their screens every Sunday as the escapades of Game of Thrones season 8 unfold.

Increasing Accessibility

The GoT marketing team has made a continued effort to reach the global market. They have invested time and money in making sure that audiences in all continents access this epic drama in ways that suit them best. Besides dubbing it into different languages, they are now simulcasting the most recent seasons of the show across the globe.

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