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The Top 5 Social Media Posts That May Never Die

Social media is where trends are born and stay alive through their ability to keep users consistently engaged. It has become a part of our everyday lives. Instead of people discussing T.V. shows, they are debating the latest viral topics or sharing the most popular memes. The social media landscape is always changing. Nevertheless, these five posts and trends have kept relevancy throughout pop culture and daily life. These popular social media trends bring people across the internet together to share pieces of their lives.

1. Make-Up Tutorials and Beauty Content in Social Media

Make-up tutorials have taken social media by storm. Beauty gurus and influencers of Instagram and YouTube use makeup tutorials and makeup haul videos for entertainment and instructional values. YouTubers who started out sharing their beauty tips and tricks to a few dozen viewers are now selling their own cosmetics line. There are also thousands of helpful tutorials to be found online, allowing everyone to learn how to do makeup like a pro.

As of 2018, beauty-related content generated more than 169 billion views on YouTube. Big names in beauty, from Bretman Rock and Jeffree Star to Huda Beauty and Nikkie Tutorials, are among the top influencers in the world with tens of millions of followers. More influencers are creating a name for themselves every day. Such influencers are ensuring that we will never run short of step-by-step instructions for smokey eyes and concealer application.

2. Social Media Challenges 

Social media challenges usually come in hand with controversy, many of them reaching mainstream news due to their dangerous outcomes like the Tide Pod Challenge. Others generate positive reactions, like the ALS/Ice Bucket Challenge and the 10-Year Challenge.

Like many social media trends, challenges reach a particular virality when enough people participate and create a chain reaction. Social media challenges were on the rise in 2020 during the strictest parts of the COVID-19 lockdown as a way to stay connected. These challenges added a lot of happiness to our dreary days. The also gave us all something to look forward to even though we were apart.

One popular and uplifting social media challenge that went viral in 2020 was the Between Art and Quarantine Challenge. Instagram users creatively replicated their favorite works of art using materials they had around their house. The Gesture Challenge was another craze that TikTok users enjoyed. It had everyone, including celebrities such as Nick Jonas, imitating popular emojis using only their fingers.

3. Overhead Recipe Videos 

The instructional recipe video shot in an overhead angle was made famous by Buzzfeed’s food network platform, Tasty. This style has become the standard for recipes and other DIY-style videos across the internet.

The overhead style showcases the recipe process in a simple manner, allowing users to follow steps and become great home chefs easily. Not only is it an excellent way for beginners to follow along with recipes, but the videos are also visually pleasing. The ingredients are often added to the mixing bowl in a manner that shows their rainbow of colors. Many people find themselves mesmerized by these short videos with their upbeat soundtrack, whether they enjoy cooking or not.

Facebook makes it even easier to create your favorite foods using these videos by allowing you to save them to your profile to access at a later time. You can also bookmark them while visiting Buzzfeed and other recipe websites.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are the lifeblood of many social media platforms, perfect for organizing and connecting users worldwide. The hashtag phenomenon has elevated social media in engaging and relatable ways, from the ultra-popular and fun #tbt and #nofilter to important movements like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter.

This simple yet effective form of coding has worked particularly well for online marketing. When brands use hashtags in their posts, it is easier for potential customers to find them. Using the right hashtags is similar to using the right keywords in SEO content. Once you learn how to use hashtags correctly, you can expect to see more views on your posts and an increase in followers as well.

The hashtag was invented by product designer Chris Messina in 2007, who used a hashtag to spread awareness about a wildfire. Since then, hashtags have spread just as quickly. As of 2019, 70% of all Instagram posts contained at least one hashtag. It’s safe to say that hashtags, much like the power of social media, won’t be going anywhere.

5. Reaction Videos

It’s fun to see other people get excited about things they love. That’s why reaction videos have become so popular. We have all anticipated an upcoming movie or the series finale of a popular TV show. Now we can capture our reactions to those unforgettable moments and share them with our friends. Several excellent YouTube channels are dedicated solely to people reacting to all types of media, including new music and movie trailers. It can be entertaining to watch and allows you to connect with other individuals who share the same interests.

One popular reaction channel on YouTube is Lost in Vegas, where two guys react to all types of music they’ve never heard before. Another one, called Irish People Try, features Irish people tasting various foods from other countries for the first time and includes some hilarious and over-the-top reactions.

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