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weight watchers brand strategy

Weight Watchers Branding and Rebranding Strategies

Quick! Think of all the companies right now with strong branding in the weight loss market. Some names may come to mind but we think it’s pretty safe to assume Weight Watchers is in the mix. In fact, we believe most folks would say that Weight Watchers is right there at the top.

Operating in 30 countries, Weight Watchers has been helping people lose weight with various products and services since 1963. In 2013, Weight Watchers took in 1.7 billion in revenue so it’s pretty safe to say that folks are taking advantage of Weight Watchers’ services. Add Oprah Winfrey as a spokesperson (and owner!) and you have a bonafide juggernaut. But the reason Weight Watchers is doing so well isn’t solely because of their products and services. Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you that no matter how good their product is, you still need to make sure consumers know about it. And Weight Watchers is savvier than most, something they’ve proven time and again thanks to their successful brand strategy.

Openness to New Demographics

Atypically, Weight Watchers is used by those 35 and over, and primarily women. That’s been the case for a while, but Weight Watchers is updating their branding in order to appeal to younger demographics. After 55 years, the weight loss company is changing their name to WW. This is a shrewd move on their part as it shows they’re open to change. A great brand strategy example is the willingness to evolve time and they’ve done this with their new tagline — “wellness that works.” They’ve also updated their logo, font, and color palette in order to appeal to a younger consumer base. WW is looking to maintain their solid user base while welcoming newer members to the fold. An eye on the past with an eye to the future is a great way to have a fantastic present!

App Or Bust!

WW has shown its willingness to work with a new brand manager in the form of being a health and wellness brand. A prime example of this change is their new app. The app has around 1.8 million users and is a great way for consumers of all ages to connect with friends. Consumers can also meet new people via their Connect Groups based on dietary habits, likes, and personality. Millennials love having the ability to update their progress on the go as opposed to updated via a website on a desktop. FitPoints and WellnessWins are a kind of new rewards program based on their users gender, weight, height, and age. This type of feature is tailor made for consumers who prefer to use an app as opposed to a laptop or a desktop.

Play Well With Others

Yet another way that WW has updated its Brand Strategy is by working with other companies via their app. Thanks to their ability to work well with others, consumers can keep track of how they’re doing with the beta version of their new app which newer technologies like Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home. Alexa and Google Home are newer technologies and it’s great to see an older company willing to make those updates. Additionally, they’ve also partnered with a Headspace that focuses on meditation and mindfulness. Headspace is creating content for their consumers. This is invaluable for gaining new members.

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